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Lighting Design

LA Lounge is an architectural lighting architect company in Sydney, our experienced architectural lighting design consultants will meet with you to discuss your vision and work with you to move it forward to a detailed, well communicated plan for your entire lighting scheme.

LA Lounge will ensure that your project runs smoothly in accordance with your budget considering the time frames from initial concepts through to lighting schedules, lighting plans and site visits.

Lighting Products

You are welcome to visit our architectural lighting showroom in Neutral Bay to view and experience first-hand our unique range of lighting products.

We are an architectural lighting consultants in Sydney with stunning, Australian custom made pendants. We have beautifully hand-crafted luminaires and sleek architectural light fittings, we have a light for every application.

Feel free to call in to take a look or book an appointment with one of our experienced architectural lighting designers to discuss your project in further detail.

Lighting, Automation and Electrical Design

Are you considering a home control system such as CBus, Dynalite or Dali?

LA Lounge is an architectural lighting consultants that can assist you with your decision making process and provide architectural lighting design plans, schedules and full specifications for tender for your automation, lighting, AV and electrical systems.

Great design starts with an idea and accurately communicating that idea to everyone involved avoids costly mistakes and misunderstandings so that you can realise the best possible design outcome for your project.

LALounge - Lighting Design Company - Pale Beach - Sue Connor Architects - Dining Room
LALounge - Lighting Design Company - Palm Beach - Sue Connor Architects - Swimming Pool
LALounge - Lighting Design Company - Sue Connor Architects - Dining and Kitchen


  • Meet & Brief
  • Ideas & Drafts
  • Documentation & Order
  • Follow Up & Support

This is the initial lighting consultation. We walk through your plans with you and discuss any details about the interior design features that can be accentuated with architectural lighting design. We discuss your inspiration for the look and feel of the spaces you are creating, personal preferences and key aspirations for the overall building.  You will have the opportunity to view and experience our exclusive range of lighting products first-hand and together we develop the initial concepts for the lighting design.

From the initial briefing we generate a fee proposal for your consideration which will outline the costs for designing the lighting for the project, revisions and site visits included, rebates and deliverables.

On receipt of the lighting design fee, we provide an initial draft lighting plan and quoted schedule for review by you and your project design team. From the feedback a final approved design takes shape.  Often a site visit is required at this stage to hone the finer points of the lighting scheme.

We will supply a final lighting plan and schedule with detailed specifications and instructions for your electrician and builder.  If you proceed with LA Lounge as your nominated architectural lighting supplier, we can supply samples to site for the electrician and the builder on receipt of deposit on the lighting order. Our clients find this extremely helpful for the more technical aspects of installation.

We can assist you with any necessary changes to the design with site visits by our expert architectural lighting designers. We have over 20 years experience in electrical, lighting and automation installation, enabling us to easily communicate with all parties involved.  This ensures the installation process runs smoothly and that any new opportunities to enhance the lighting design which may have evolved during the building process are captured and incorporated to achieve the best possible lighting design outcome for your project.




Sydney home by Brett Churcher and John Hooghuis of Playoust Churcher. Interior design by Justine Hugh-Jones. Photograph by Prue Ruscof.

Sydney Waterside Home.  Lighting Design and Supply by LA Lounge Lighting Architects



When it comes to renovating or designing  a home, there is so much to think about. Although picking a colour scheme, furniture and décor may be at the forefront of your plans, lighting design is an important aspect to plan.

Every room such as dining room, home theatre room, bedroom, dressing room, shelf, front door and even garden lighting requires different lighting techniques from ambient to task lighting for inside and energy-efficient and sturdy structures for outside. A lighting design plan is essential.

LA Lounge is a lighting design company, and we are experts of the field, and have been featured in Belle Magazine and Vogue for our visually stunning lighting designs. 

LA Lounge is the perfect Australian architectural lighting architects , designer & consultants for every home and are able to help you turn your initial plans into a polished and well rounded final project.

Our experienced and professional architectural lighting architects in Sydney can help you work through all aspects of your lighting design plans while working to your time and budget.

We are here to help you, whether you are struggling to find the right feature light, want to know more about dimmable lights, or you need help planning the most effective task lighting.

Fin 30 - SW10


LA Lounge is the perfect Australian lighting architect & lighting design company for every home and is able to help you turn your initial plans into a polished and well rounded final project.

Our experienced and professional architectural lighting designer team can help you work through all aspects of your lighting design plans while working to your time and budget.

Whether you are struggling to find the right feature light, want to know more about dimmable lights, or you need help planning the most effective task lighting, LA Lounge your lighting architect and design company is here to help!

Lighting Design Tips

While you are working through your initial plans, please feel free to take a look through our website.

If you are looking for inspiration our blog features lighting design tips of a lighting design company for all around the home, including bathroom lighting , kitchen lighting , staircase lighting, step lighting  and living room lighting.

These posts can help you decide what lighting style you like and which lights will suit the structure of your home, they can also inform you on their safety and security purposes!

Our blog is here to help you understand what technical aspects of lighting you need to consider, for example, task lighting in the bathroom.

Our projects page also features real-life homes starring our very own lighting design techniques. These beautiful photos will inspire you to plan the newest and most stylish lighting design for your home, and features product descriptions should anything take your fancy.

Our Products are DALI

If these posts have you feeling inspired, make your way over to our products page to see our unique range. All of our products are DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) compatible, so you know when you purchase from us, you are investing in an internationally reputable brand. The

DALI system is dimmable, simple to set up and use, and can even be re-configured using your smartphone or computer! As a leading Australian lighting designer, LA Lounge is committed to providing the best quality service for our customers.

We adhere to a high-standard of professional lighting design principles to create aesthetically timeless, layered and textural lighting to complement any space.

We enjoy lighting creatively by layering our lights using a mixture of techniques to create the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

LA Lounge is a lighting design company, and lighting design is our passion and we love to support our customers on their creative journey. We deliver the greatest attention to detail for every single project, no matter the size or cost.

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