What Is the Role and Function of an Architectural Lighting Designer?

Architectural lighting design sits at the intersection of architecture and technology. It takes elements of physics, engineering and the physiological effects of light, to enhance a design while performing a function.

There are three main factors involved in architectural lighting design:

  1. Your home’s aesthetic
  2. Ergonomic or functional aspects that make the space more comfortable to use
  3. The efficiency of energy, ensuring that light is optimally used and distributed

When taking all of this into account, we see why professional architectural lighting design is vital to enhance the enjoyment and use of your space. Ignoring it means that you are not maximising the comfort of your home.

Architectural lighting design is relevant

The right architectural lighting design conceives, integrates, and organises lighting into a coordinated system, working cohesively with the available natural light to serve and advance the actions you perform in your home.

The design relates to the specific purpose of a particular space. The kitchen, for example, requires visibility for the preparation and cooking of food. Therefore, the lighting design of that area should account for this action by considering the amount of light, its colour, and overall environment.

Distribution of light is also another puzzle that architectural lighting design looks to solve. The impact illumination has on the inhabitants of the space directly affects their enjoyment of it. Lighting controls both the look and feel of your area and can be customised in a range of different ways to alter this, based on your preferences.

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Your space is the primary concern

Architects work to transform the experience of a space, and high-quality architecture will create a spatial experience. Architectural lighting design works to help foster this experience by influencing the mood, texture, and spatial awareness of certain structural features. Be it the creation of intimacy in the bedroom or a spot for entertaining on the exterior deck.

One such way to achieve this is by ensuring the chosen fixtures illuminate the space without overwhelming the other elements in the room. Good architectural lighting design works in collaboration with the architecture it is tasked with enhancing.

Light and architecture should never be at odds aesthetically; they should complement one another, and achieving this is what differentiates architectural from general lighting.

In most cases, professional help illuminates areas of benefit that are not known or considered via the DIY approach. The benefit of knowledge and experience that a professional lighting designer offers is a huge advantage to your project.

Interior and exterior design

No matter whether it is indoors or out, you want your lighting to be both functional and appealing. Professional architectural lighting design not only constructs the concept of a project but also how it will be implemented.

While the rules differ based on the location of the space, be it inside or out, the ethos remains the same. A professional will consider the cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency of both running and maintaining your lights, which can, in turn, save you money in the long run if your system requires less power to operate.

Working in conjunction with other professionals, an architectural lighting designer will integrate the lighting into an overall approach, helping to fulfil the central vision for your project while finding the most efficient ways to get there.

For these reasons, it is vital that your chosen designer is able to combine artistic skill with technical knowledge. Envisioning the lighting designs is one thing, executing them another. You should ensure that they have in-depth knowledge of lighting instruments, colour theory, and are up-to-date on the latest lighting technologies.

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Saving money in the long run

While some people are hesitant to pay for architectural lighting design, it is essential to consider the financial benefits of such a service. Lighting designers will work to meet your established budget while helping to create the budget as well.

They have access to numerous manufacturers to ensure prices are competitive while recommending design strategies that will help reduce installation and running costs.

All of this is done without decreasing design intent, and while your budget may well affect design decisions, your designer will ensure you achieve the best aesthetics and financial standing by making the right decisions.

There is a range of techniques and technologies that will reduce your costs in the long-term, making the initial investment of a lighting specialist very worthwhile.

A classic trap that many fall into is the over-lighting of a space which can create a less-than-pleasant visual aesthetic while increasing running costs. Choosing lighter colours for interior walls and integrating daylight where possible are just some of the ways you can save energy while achieving a great look.

Reap the benefits of architectural lighting design with LA Lounge

LA Lounge offers many years of experience in working with architects to ensure every one of their projects achieves a stunning and creative design. We provide an experienced team that knows precisely how to bring the architecture to its fullest realisation while keeping running and set-up costs to a minimum.

The benefits of hiring a lighting designer above are clear. Speak to LA Lounge architectural lighting design consultants today, and together we will form a comprehensive and well-communicated plan to create a lighting design scheme for your home that you will absolutely love. Our experienced project managers work to your budget and schedule, delivering a successful outcome every time.

Speak to our friendly team about booking an appointment to discuss your project and we will begin the process of forming a plan tailored for you, inclusive of the latest technologies, automation, electrical requirements, and more. Total efficiency and stunning lighting design are easily achievable with LA Lounge as part of your team.