The Top ideas for Bathroom Lighting Design

When it comes to bathroom design, things like tiling, fixtures, and fittings are generally given the most consideration. Bathroom lighting design is equally important and requires thoughtful attention to ensure it is complementary to the design, while also providing function.

Below we will look at some things to contemplate when choosing bathroom lighting, some modern lighting styles and features you should consider, and why you should employ the expert advice of a lighting designer like LA Lounge.

Things to consider when choosing bathroom lighting

Given the frequency a bathroom is used, it is essential to select interior lighting design that adds ambience, style and pleasure, as well as functionality. This is necessary for tasks like applying makeup, dental hygiene, grooming and showering. Once you have finalised the style and location of the design and fixtures, there are some important things to consider when choosing a bathroom lighting scheme like:

  • Bathroom traffic
  • Location of the windows
  • The amount of natural light during the day 
  • Light reflected off the decor
  • Functional and ambient lighting

It is also worth considering where you have access to lighting controls and where they are placed in relation to your power points and vanity units. A lighting designer like LA Lounge can advise on your best options and take the guesswork out of choosing the right lighting design system for a bathroom or ensuite.


What kind of lights are best to use in a bathroom?

No matter the size of your bathroom or ensuite, multiple light sources are always a good idea. For example, combining downlights, task lighting and accent lighting gives you options for function, night lighting and ambient bathing. Let’s look at some great ideas for bathroom lighting design and what benefits they offer:


  1. Bathroom Downlighting

Downlights provide ambience with a comfortable level of visibility. Positioning them around the outsides of the bathroom instead of the middle avoids shadows and enhances features like artworks and sculptures. 


Pro tip: Do not fit a downlight directly above a vanity unit or mirror, as this will throw light down and cast shadows below the eyes, nose and chin. 


A lighting specialist can assist you in the placement of downlights to best compliment the design and function of any given bathroom.


  1. Bathroom Feature lighting

Feature lighting highlights design features and creates atmosphere and ambience. This can add a sense of atmosphere if relaxing in a bathtub or spa. It may also be a consideration to add dimmers to your feature lighting. A professional lighting designer can assist in choosing the best placement of feature lights and dimmer controls to achieve the desired effect.


  1. Bathroom Functional lighting

Functional lighting is essential for daily tasks like applying makeup, brushing teeth or shaving. As mentioned above, it is not advisable to use downlighting above your mirror or vanity as it casts unflattering shadows across the face. It is advised that functional lighting be placed around eye height, on either side of a mirror 36 to 40 inches apart, this will guarantee illumination across the face, which is ideal for makeup application and grooming.


Contemporary bathroom lighting for the modern 

Walk into any speciality lighting store, and you will quickly be overwhelmed by the cavalcade of options presented to you. So lets now have a look at some common lighting solutions for a bathroom or ensuite:


  1. Bathroom Pendant lights

Pendant lights fall under the feature lighting banner. The definition of a pendant light can be any design or style that is suspended by its power cable or something like a rope or chain.

They come in a wide variety of styles and can be lit with feature globes, LEDs or any other kind of traditional globe.


  1. Bathroom Downlights

Downlights are usually recessed into the ceiling to provide general light cover across a bathroom or ensuite. Downlighting is a perfect example of when to apply dimmers to create a more ambient atmosphere or improve general visibility.


  1. Bathroom Decorative wall lights

Decorative wall and sconce lights are a great way to maximise functionality and style. Wall and sconce lights are an ideal option in this circumstance. When working with a light designer like LA Lounge, you’ll be able to find the right style and type of wall light that will best complement your decor, and maximise functionality.


  1. Bathroom LED strip lighting

Waterproof LED strip lighting is becoming more popular in the contemporary bathroom. It can give a subtle ambience, compliment lines and features, or give vanities and cabinetry a floating feeling. LED strip lights have a long life expectancy and are a cost-effective and energy-efficient option.


Why you should consider employing a lighting designer

Although architects and builders design the lighting on most building developments, they may miss some important areas of consideration between aesthetic and functionality. lighting designers like the team at LA Lounge will consider factors that other building professionals may miss like:

  • Glare
  • Visual comfort
  • Energy consumption and the environment
  • Lighting standards
  • Longevity of the product


A lighting designer will analyse the space, the needs of the user, and create a holistic solution that takes all factors into account to maximise the functionality without compromising the aesthetic vision of the architect or building designer.

Bathroom Architectural Lighting Design 

LA Lounge are industry leaders in the field of architectural lighting design in Sydney. Our experienced team of expert designers can liaise with architects, builders, renovators or any other building professional to assess, advise, design and install lighting solutions that maximise function and aesthetic for any classic or contemporary bathroom or ensuite. 

Contact LA Lounge today to arrange a free consultation, or send us an email, and our team will contact you at your nearest convenience. You can also visit our showroom for advice and a tour of our extensive catalogue of lighting solutions to help with your decisions.