Residential Lighting: The Latest Trends in Interior Lighting Design

Gone are the days where architects and homeowners ignore lighting design when it comes to the interior design aspect of the home. Residential lighting trends can change and shift, and it’s helpful to be aware of them for inspiration in the lighting design of a space.

It is easy to manipulate your home’s atmosphere with lighting styles and positions while having a significant impact on the visual elements of the room based on the kind of fixtures that are used.

Always remember that your lighting design will change from room to room as the kitchen will have different requirements to the bedroom. The key is to ensure that the lighting reflects the functions and atmosphere of the space. 

To help you in your quest for the perfect Sydney residential lighting, the lighting design experts at LA Lounge have compiled some of the latest trends.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #1: Soft gold as a finish

Soft colours such as grey have become very popular in the home, and soft gold is the latest trend extension of that idea. As far as contemporary décor is concerned, soft gold blends well with almost any kind of look, from modern to something a little more rustic.

As a result, soft gold lighting fixtures are a great option, and if the fixture is required overhead, you can choose one that will accentuate the gold for an even more stunning look. Alternatively, you can use a soft gold reading lamp that has a bright brassy aesthetic to really make the corner of a room pop.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #2: Retro and Industrial Style

Industrial design has been popular for a while when it comes to lighting. Everyone wants that warehouse look that incorporates rustic finishes and a lot of metal.

Retro style is another heavily used idea in modern industrial lighting, but the modern take on this involves sleeker metals and more varied tones.

Modern retro lighting is popular in the kitchen, above the dining area, or even as wall lighting. Where possible, consider a lighting fixture as a piece of art on the wall and remember, the industrial look isn’t the unfinished retro punk vibe it used to be; it has been updated to sit comfortably alongside all 21st-century décor.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #3: Vintage bulbs 

The extension of the retro look is the vintage Edison-style bulbs that you have likely seen popping up a fair bit. Sydney residential lighting with a nostalgic design feel is not only homey but also great for just the right amount of illumination.

You can even get these vintage-looking bulbs in modern LED lighting that last longer and consume less power, another trend we’ll discuss later in this piece. 

Vintage bulbs look great with the retro/industrial style mentioned in the last point. They add warmth and beauty to stark industrial elements and often work better as a system of lights as opposed to just a single bulb. Place a row of connected Edison lights above your kitchen for a soft introduction to the retro style and completely change the feel of the space.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #4: The Art Deco comeback

Art Deco has always been a popular trend in interior design, but not often in the lighting elements. This is changing as people begin to favour clean lines and unique designs in their lighting, leaning more into the fixture as a piece of art in the home. Art Deco lighting is all about sharp lines and geometric design.

Art Deco is excellent for your overhead fixtures as it brings a visual focal point to an often-sparse area (like the ceiling) with a strong geometric look.

Just remember that excessive ornamentation is losing its appeal. This is why the older lighting fixtures with ornate metalwork are not that common in a modern home. Aim for a clean styled space and take your cues from the ever-popular minimalist trend over extravagant aesthetics.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #5: LED lights are a go

It makes sense that design trends would follow the environmental necessities that we cannot ignore. Incandescent bulbs are wasteful, using a lot of power in the form of heat.

It is strongly recommended that you look at more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of lighting, such as LED, which not only last much longer but also save you money when compared to incandescent bulbs.

These days, there is a significant variety of styles available in LED colours, brightness, and shapes. 

While LED lighting may be more of an upfront expense initially, they will save you money in the long run, and will only get cheaper over time as the technology gets better.


Interior Lighting Design Trend #6: Go big 

In particular areas of the house, opt for more prominent fixtures to create some “Wow” factor. Where possible use fixtures as centrepieces, especially in areas with a lot of space. Large pendant lighting is excellent over the kitchen island or dining table, and you can mix large fixtures with smaller ones around the room, just be careful not to overdo it.


Need a little help with your Sydney residential lighting design?

If you are feeling a little bit of pressure when it comes to choosing your style, speak to LA Lounge, the experts in Sydney residential lighting design. We can help you find something you will love that works best in your home, be it one of the above trends or something different

Many of our clients are extremely surprised by what we can do with home lighting and the significant ways in which it can transform a space. Speak to LA Lounge architectural lighting design consultants about preparing a comprehensive plan for the interior lighting design of your new home or next project. 

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