The Best Living Room Lighting Ideas and Design in 2020

We all know how vital interior lighting design is in a home’s plan, particularly when it comes to one of the most frequented areas in the house. With a range of living room lighting ideas, we can manipulate the atmosphere with positioning and fixtures.

What works in the lounge or living room may not work in the kitchen. It is important for the lighting to reflect the functions of the space, as well as the aesthetic. Interior decoration and lighting de  sign are continually changing, which is why LA Lounge keeps up with the trends to make lighting ideas in the living room an easier task. Let’s see what notable trends have popped up in 2020 so far.

Trends on Living Room Lighting Design

Living room lighting Trend #1: Soft Gold as a finish

In 2020, the popularity of soft colors is on the rise, especially when it comes to lighting design in the living room. Colours such as grey with a little beige added are favourites, with soft gold being the perfect addition to this spectrum of colours.

These looks work well for contemporary decor landing somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. Using a soft matte finish while bringing out the warmth of gold blends in with almost any décor from modern urban to farmhouse.

Pro tip: Soft gold lighting fixtures in overhead lighting are great when you find ones that accentuate the gold. Alternatively, use fixtures that complement the soft gold with grey or matte silver. Soft gold lighting design is also a great way to attract attention to specific corners of your living room, for example, a soft gold reading lamp next to a reading chair. 


Trend #2: The re-emergence of retro and industrial styling

When it comes to industrial styling, the primary feature has always been rustic finishes. This means neutral colors that put a heavy emphasis on metal. In 2020 this is done with a slight, modernised twist.

Take, for example, modern industrial lighting design. What we know as traditional industrial is now referred to as ‘’upgraded industrial’’ or “modern retro,” which twists the warehouse-like style typical in industrial style by using sleeker metals with more varied tones and alternative lighting designs. 

Retro fixtures are great for this if they have fine details that bring out the artistic side of the design. This can be an excellent way to ease into the industrial look by still maintaining a modern edge. Modern retro lighting offers a unique twist to the aesthetic for the room and is perfect if there is a work area or required wall lighting. Think of the fixture itself as a piece of art and use it as a centerpiece in the living room.

In 2020, the idea of industrial is no longer brutal or unfinished; it has an updated look that can be quite classy.


Living room lighting Trend #3. Vintage bulbs

Yes, the Edison-style bulb is undoubtedly still very popular in 2020. They look great and provide the perfect amount of light for a living room. Still part of the retro look, vintage Edison-style bulbs are the retro lighting trend homeowners love. They bring a sense of nostalgic design, while the rounded cone shape creates a homey aesthetic that works brilliantly in a living area. 

The best part? It is now easy to get Edison-style bulbs in modern LED lighting. Not only do these bulbs last longer, but they also consume less power. You have the option of going down this road or sticking with the incandescent Edison bulbs, which are certainly also still available on the market. There is also an advantage to the incandescent variations in that they are still very cheap. 


Trend #4. Mid-century Modern and Art Deco

While styles like Art Deco and Mid-century Modern styles have always been present in certain aspects of interior design, the world of lighting has never really embraced it. Until now. In 2020, fixtures set in these nostalgic early century themes are becoming more easily accessible. Mid-century and Art Deco designs are filling the market with styles like the trendy sputnik chandelier that offers clean lines and a pared-down form. 

Art Deco and Mid-century Modern include aesthetics from the 1920s to 1970s that focus on clean lines, unique designs, and a mixture of form and art. When it comes to lighting, Art Deco designs include sharp lines and beautiful geometric designs. Mid-century modern lighting uses a lot of natural shapes that allow for a combination of functional form and appealing aesthetics.


Trend #5: Bigger and bolder

When it comes to living room lighting ideas, high ceiling homes are loving the use of more prominent fixtures. You can easily achieve a little wow factor and attract the attention of everyone that enters the room with a large installation. This idea goes beyond lighting, allowing the fixtures to act as centerpieces. 

You can add a fixture with an ornate design that shifts all of the focus to a particular space on the light. Large pendant lighting fixtures can be used over the dining table for a stunning look that is also functional.

If you are planning on incorporating the use of larger fixtures in the living room, try to place them in a central area for maximum effect. It is even a good idea to balance them with smaller fixtures placed evenly around the room for a stunning overall look.


Need a little help with living room lighting ideas?

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