The Best Architectural Exterior Lighting Designs for Businesses

The most attractive part of your house is normally your garden, especially to passers-by on an evening stroll. If your exterior architectural lighting has been well-designed you are sure to be the envy of your whole street.

Architectural lighting design for outdoor living is entirely different to the lighting in your home. You want to enjoy sitting outside in soft lighting while taking in the sense of the whole garden space, chatting to friends and family on those balmy nights.

It does not matter if you have a large backyard or a tiny courtyard. The gentle ambience of light from lighting will have you captivated by the beauty you have created. And you don’t always need to be outdoors to appreciate your exterior architectural LED lighting.

If you have glazed doors or windows you can look out into your backyard or garden and admire your lights all year round.

And with skillfully designed exterior lighting you bring, not only the outdoors to life but your pathways and house too. Architectural lighting designers understand the play between light and dark and use contrast and shadows to create striking spaces.

The first thing to think about when considering exterior lighting is what you hope to achieve. Do you want to highlight key features? Do you want to add drama to surfaces that don’t normally stand out or create a clear path?

Let’s take a look at the different types of outdoor lighting to help you decide.

Different Types of Outdoor Architectural Lighting 

Task Lighting

Task lighting is probably the most important type of lighting to start with. It is where you carry out your tasks and have the most foot traffic. It includes pathways, entrances, decks and outdoor steps. As your lighting fixtures will probably be exposed to the elements you want to ensure your fixtures are wet-rated.

LA Lounge are experts in architectural lighting design, uses the Piccolo range for uplights and downlights which are the perfect built-in LED lights for pathways and decks.


Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting provides your garden its overall lighting. You can’t go wrong hiring an architectural lighting designer to do your ambient lighting because they will know exactly what colour temperature and lumen output suits your spaces.

Also known as general lights, ambient lights are normally installed on walls or posts and radiate a comfortable level of brightness without too much glare but enough to allow you to walk around safely.


Accent Lighting 

Probably the most charming of all outdoor lighting is accent lighting. Adding drama to your spaces, you can create visual attention to interesting features like your walkways, the doorway and landscaping. Highlight your trees or textured wall with an LED MR16 from Xternal’s range. You can adjust its beam angle to your liking.

Since we now know what kind of lighting puts your garden in the limelight, let’s take a look at some outdoor lighting fixtures.


Path Lights 

Probably the most common type of landscape lighting is path lights. Often small lights like Piccolo’s sharp and economically efficient LED lights can be used to frame a space, feature or yard and spread down a pathway. They can be placed around a pond or along a driveway.


Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are usually made for damp locations where they are never directly exposed to rain. Designed to be integrated into a surface or as a feature light, they come in varying levels of brightness. The dimmable Latto round LED light allows you to choose your brightness level.


Wall Lights

Classic for your front or back porch, wall lights are mounted on any vertical surface. Durable and attractive, they are one of the most popular outdoor fixtures and used for decorative purposes providing accent or ambient lighting.

LA Lounge manufactures the perfect LED light for walls. With a lumen output of 60lm, this LED light has a beam angle of 30 degrees, ideal for showing off that feature wall.


Post or Mount Lights

As its name suggests, post lights mount on top of posts. When your space calls for an architectural light, post mount lights can be installed on top of a structure. Commonly used for entries, fences, gates or around a deck, they are designed to withstand direct exposure to the elements. 

Xternal’s LED MR16 light is perfect for installation around a pool, deck or driveway.


Landscape Lights

Running on a low voltage system, landscape lights are used in combination to create layered lighting along the path or as spotlights to highlight trees, sculptures or architectural details. They are recessed into the ground to create a seamless look in your landscape or hardscape spaces. Piccolo does a great range of inground LED lights to light up your trees, walls and art.


Deck Lights 

Installed directly into your garden’s hardscape or decking, these lights are used to accent architectural details and to add safety to dark stairs. You might also use them to light up your entertainment spaces. Again, Piccolo’s range is ideal for decks and stairs. For something different you might even use them to wash light down your stone walls.


Exterior Architectural Lighting Designer? 

Many people are quick to buy landscape lighting fixtures from a retail hardware store because they are inexpensive, and you can install them yourself. But as you can see, outdoor lighting isn’t quite as simple as you may have first thought.

An exterior lighting designer from LA Lounge will provide you with a professional grade system composed of architectural grade components. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true with outdoor lighting fixtures. A large variety of lighting products, particularly the high-grade types, are available only to professionals and not to the general public. 

Also, the last thing you want to do is endanger your life as well as your family’s lives if you attempt electrical installation yourself. You do not want improper installation to cause premature failure.

LA Lounge has years of experience creating and installing stylish and unique outdoor lighting designs. We take time to interpret the design and layout of your landscape, in line with your budget and energy usage. The designer will consider glare, and challenge light and dark spaces.

Our experts are across all the latest trends, tools and technologies in outdoor lighting and are the best at knowing how to create the perfect lighting look.

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