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“We heard about LA Lounge through some friends who knew Glenn and Sue and had contracted them to do their lighting, C-Bus and electrical design. They were both really professional to deal with and brought great ideas to the table. On the first night we moved in, Glenn was there with us for when it went dark and we turned on the lights. Sue was at home with the kids so we called her on the phone. It was so much fun walking around looking at everything lit at night. They did such a great job. It just looks amazing and my touchscreens are fantastic. Glenn and Sue are great to work with and I would highly recommend them.”

S. Ell, Mosman,

“I’ve worked with LA Lounge for a long time. Their technical expertise and service is really very good. You don’t see that with other suppliers. There’s flexibility you get with LA Lounge that’s simply not possible with other bigger players which saves you time on a job. They’re a small team. They can move quickly. They’re efficient. They really know their product. You don’t just deal with a sales person. These days everyone’s busy. So time is money. With Sue and Glenn – they ‘get’ lighting. They know the effects you want to achieve with the design. It’s such an intricate process developing the lighting and it’s got to complement what we’re trying to achieve for the client overall.”

Rob Weir, Weir Phillips Architects,

“We worked with Susan and Glenn on a $3.5 million home renovation in Mosman. They created the design solutions for both lighting and home automation. Susan and Glenn have been invaluable to the success of the project, working professionally and productively with ourselves, the client and the builder. The project was very complicated with a high level of home automation. The lighting, electrical and home automation systems proposed were excellent and the installation handled very professionally.  We have very much enjoyed working with LA Lounge and would not hesitate to recommend their services for future projects”

Conrad Johnston, Director, Fox Johnston,

“Excellent design, product and service. Glenn was engaged to remove 70 lights and to decide where to place and supply new ones. All the work was done while I was overseas.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and highly recommend Glenn and LA Lounge for a completely professional lighting project.”

Estelle Tsenin, Pyrmont,

“Glenn and Sue were recommended to us by a neighbour who had commissioned their services for their new home. They spoke very highly of both Glenn and Sue and my wife and I had commented to each other previously about how great we thought the neighbour’s lighting looked. We found Sue and Glenn to be very easy going to work with throughout the project. Building a house can be stressful at times but they made it easy and nothing was too much trouble for them. We absolutely love our house at night. It is warm and inviting and all of our friends comment”

B.May, Bungan Beach,

Recent Case Studies

Palm Beach House

We were brought in on a project in Ashfield where there had been on-going issues with dimming the lighting on a leading edge automation system. Other lighting “experts” had tried and despite the time and expense, were unsuccessful and their recommendation was to change the entire automation system at a cost of $80,00.00. Glenn went on site with our sample globes and drivers (which have been extensively tested in other similar projects) and solved the problem immediately, the client went on to view other products from our range and updated their lighting with the LA Lounge Edge range at a much reduced cost of $1,500 that improved the overall look and feel. We work with electricians all the time on similar issues that crop up, even with some of the most expensive, big name brands in the market. Our products work. It can be that simple.

A client came in with a very expensive quote from another big name brand in the architectural lighting space. The existing lighting needed to be replaced due to the close proximity to the ocean as salty sea air had corroded the light fittings. The changeover meant that the ceiling would need to be patched extensively and new holes cut. Along with the update the client also wanted a more efficient LED system. We recommended using our in-set plaster Confidential range as gypsum does not corrode and is perfect for beachfront locations.  The client loved the fact that the lights appeared to be moulded out of the ceiling and would not date the architecture. We re-worked the layout so that less lights were needed thereby reducing the lighting and electrical installation costs considerably. It IS possible to create a result that is not only practical and functional given the environment, but also stylish and aesthetically timeless. We do it all the time. Our products have been designed with that timeless elegance in mind.

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