Step Lighting – 5 Lighting Aspects to Consider before Installing

Step lighting provides many benefits when installing it either indoors or outdoors. Step lights don’t just improve safety for stairways. They can add a rich and inviting ambience to your space. They also help to enhance your landscape designs. As well as provide beautiful aesthetics for deck lighting while entertaining.


Types Of Step Lighting Installation

There are two different types of step lighting installation options, which includes:

  • Recessed This is where the gang box is concealed. The faceplate Is also flush against the stairs.
  • Surface Mounted This is where the light fixture instead sits on top of a surface.


Increased Safety

Step lighting is often referred to as safety lighting. This is because it’s primary purpose is to help people to safely descend and ascend the stairs. As well as light a safe path for them too.

Not seeing where you are walking at night, can lead to falls, and serious injuries. There is an increased risk on uneven ground, and for elderly or young children.


Cost Effective & Good For The Environment

LED lighting, which is the most commonly used step lighting has benefits beyond just looking stylish and improving safety.

LED bulbs will drastically reduce your power consumption. It’s not only good for the environment, it will also help to slash your electricity bill. This means you can have peace of mind and leave your step lights on at night.

There are so many different step lights available. Which means it can often be challenging to select the right step lighting for your home, garden, or any other creative space.

Here are 5 lighting aspects to consider before installing step lighting:

1. Light Source

There are a few different light sources to consider for step lighting. Recently LED step lights have been increasing in popularity. As LED step lights don’t use much electricity, it makes them the best choice for lighting hallways or stairs at night.

LED step lights do not produce as much heat as other lighting sources. They are also suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, and come in a variety of different beautiful finishes.

Lighting Aspects - Light Source

Hush Round – B200 – perfect for illuminating stairs at night

Source: lalounge.com.au

LED is undoubtedly the most popular choice for step lights, but there are other options to select from too. They include halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon.

It can often be challenging to decide which is best to enhance your design vision. In most cases LED provides the best option. If you are unsure, a professional and trustworthy lighting design expert will be able to help.

2. Different Types of Installation

The type of step lights you should use is influenced by the type of installation you wish to undertake as well.

Do you just want to retrofit step lighting into a power outlet in the hallway?

Then your options will be narrowed to only step lighting which can physically fit into wall boxes.

What if you want to install recessed step lights in a space which previously had no lighting?

Then there are a lot more options to select from. With a huge range of indoor and outdoor step lighting to choose from.

Do you want easy to install outdoor step lighting?

There are a range of solar and battery operated outdoor lights. They need minimal installation time or effort, as well as no wiring – they look great too.

The most important factor you should use to simplify your decision is what type of space are you working with? What type of installations are you able to make in the space while enhancing your home design

3. Shape and Size

Step lights are available in a large range of shapes and sizes. Many step lights have been designed to fit in a standard power outlet gang box. Making them the same size of a power outlet cover plate.

These step lights also come with alternate face plates. They let you install them either vertically or horizontally depending on the gang box.

Another popular step lighting shape is a brick-sized. They are mostly used outdoors, but can also work indoors too.

Lighting Aspects - Lighting shape

Other step lighting shapes and sizes include LED rope or tape. They are perfect under railings for an outdoor deck. There are also circular small step lights to pick from.

Path step lighting options are also available. They are set up by using a stake to hold the light in place in the ground.

Now that you know the different options available, the next step is to choose the step lighting which will best compliment your design. If you need some help, our friendly experts at LA Lounge are on hand to assist with any questions.

4. Outdoor vs Indoor Step Lighting

One of the most significant factors in your decision is not the size and shape of the step lighting. Instead it depends on if you plan to light steps indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor step lighting gives you some extra control and possibilities over indoor lighting. These include:

  • Illuminating stairs by using remote-controlled path lights
  • Having LED tape underneath railings. These can illuminate outdoor steps in a variety of different colours.
  • Using solar LED party torches which can flicker and add a vibe to any special occasion.

While some step lighting may seem to be targeted towards outdoor uses, they can also be used indoors – safely. Feel free to get a bit creative, and add outdoor lights indoors. Don’t feel like you are only limited to step lights specifically designed for indoor applications.

5. Lenses or Louvers?

If you have decided to go with indoor step lighting, then you will need to choose between lenses or louvers. They are used to diffuse the light and hide the source of the light. The difference between them is mostly an aesthetic decision and comes down to the style of the space.

For some people, they prefer how lenses look when the light is turned off. And other people prefer how louvers project unfiltered light.

It is mostly a personal preference. But you should still be familiar with the two different options. It’s recommended to make a decision based on the type which enhances your design the most.

What exactly is the difference between them? As you can see in the image below, the louvers are in the top row, and  lenses are in the bottom row.

No matter whether you decide on lenses or louvers, there is no wrong decision. Just make sure that they all match throughout the space and home which you are designing!

Selecting the right step lighting can be easier said than done. Especially one which enhances your design and tastefully lights stairs and surrounding areas in an artistic way.

These 5 lighting aspects help you balance design, functionality and creative style for your project.

Do you have a question about choosing the right step lighting to bring your vision to life and enhance your design? LA Lounge is here to help. Contact one of our friendly lighting design experts for a free consultation today. Call (02) 9999 4948 or contact us online.

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