Staircase Lighting Design

Designing a home is a rewarding yet lengthy process. There’s so much to consider, from picking a colour scheme and flooring all the way to furniture and lighting design. However, it’s often easy to overlook lighting the staircase, despite its many benefits.

At LA Lounge, our experienced and professional team understand the importance of lighting this space and are happy to help you come up with a plan that aligns with your timescale and budget.

Our staircase lighting design ideas can help you turn your staircase into a masterpiece, regardless of what style home you have. Let our team take some of the pressure off your next project with plenty of ideas for any budget.

Staircase Lighting Designer

A lighting designer is an essential part of any interior design team. They can turn your home into a masterpiece with the flick of a switch. Staircase lighting is often seen as luxe and reserved for commercial spaces. However, it is slowly creeping in to the house market as well.

Not only is this lighting style visually appealing, it is also affordable with plenty of options available for every budget.

As a staircase is often the central part of your home, it is an important area to light. In most cases, staircase lighting is not just for show, it is also incredibly important for functionality and safety.

LA Lounge’s expert architectural design team can help you with any lighting questions you have to help take some weight off your shoulders for your next project. Here are a few of our staircase lighting design ideas to inspire your next interior update.

Staircase lighting for modern homes

Staircase lighting will vary from home to home. A modern home with an open riser staircase will have different lighting needs to a classic, older style home.

At LA Lounge, we have lighting design ideas for every taste. A simple staircase lighting idea is to use recessed stair lights.

This style works in any style of staircase, whether it’s wooden flooring or a more classic style with a runner, as it creates a natural, ambient lighting style. Not only does it tastefully light up the space and create a warm feeling throughout the house, this style also provides an extra level of safety, especially at night.

A popular lighting technique is to have recessed lights in the walls for every other step, as you can see in the picture below. If you don’t like the idea of having lights in your walls, another option is to have recessed lights near the ceiling to shine down on the steps. This provides the same level of functionality without affecting your wall design.

Recessed Stair Lighting. Source: Pinterest.

Modern Staircase Lighting Design

If you’re looking for a modern staircase lighting design, LED strip lights are an excellent option. Placing these strip lights under each stair, or riser, creates a modern glam feel and turns your staircase into the centrepiece of your home.

Using warm lighting in this area creates a chic, yet elegant, art gallery-style and is the perfect addition to a modern home with an open riser staircase. Using LED lights also has a range of benefits.

Not only do they have a long life, lasting longer than other conventional types of lighting, they are also incredibly energy efficient. When you use LED lights, you know you’re paying to run the lights, not to generate heat as well.

When you also consider the less amount of time and money spent in maintenance, it ends up being a real saver too. LED lights are eco-friendly as they are free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

This means you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third! Not only will your space look glamorous, you know you’re also doing your bit to help the environment.


LED Strip Lights. Source: Pinterest.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights can also be used to light up the handrail to create an extra layer of lighting in the space. Although it may sound like a style technique reserved for modern homes, this also works in a classical staircase with wooden banisters.

These lights can be paired with the riser LED design to create a more modern feel. This style enhances the beauty of a wooden staircase as it highlights texture while perfectly illuminating the colour.

When you see how this style transforms a staircase, it is crazy to think of how simple it is to set up. An LED strip simply needs to be placed under the handrail and you have the perfectly lit staircase!

This style is also versatile because both warm and harsher lights can work in the space. Dimmers can also be used in this area if you’d like to be flexible with your options.

Our expert team at LA Lounge will also be available to help you work through your lighting design ideas, such as incorporating dimmable lights and deciding which LED strips to use.  


Although it can often be overlooked, a staircase is an essential part of most homes. According to Sally Storey, design director at John Cullen Lighting, “Your staircase is the central spine of your home. It can be both functional and sculptural, and shouldn’t be forgotten”.

If you’re currently renovating your home, or if you have design plans in the future, be sure to think about the importance of staircase lighting design. Not only does the style create a beautifully lit space, it is also an added layer of functionality and safety.

At LA Lounge, we’re here to help you create the perfect project plan from start to finish. We can help you work through all of your staircase lighting design ideas to decide on the ideal plan for your space according to your time and budget.

Our experienced architectural lighting design team can help you with all aspects of your plan, from picking the right lighting for your space right through to working to your budget.

To book a free lighting design consultation with our talented team at our Neutral Bay showroom, please drop us a message here.

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