Shelf Lighting Ideas

Shelf Lighting

We often use shelves to display our important and treasured items, but they can also be lit in a variety of ways to provide another level of design and architecture in a home or business. You can create a wall light, or even a window-like effect, with the right application of shelf lighting.

Our LED light fittings give you the chance to create many different lighting effects compared to recessed downlights, for example, thanks to their low heat and sizing. We have a range of sizes and styles of lighting that suit shelf lighting.

When a designer uses LED lighting they can enhance their designs and create masterpieces. Just talk to us at LALounge about your visions and we’ll take care of the practical side, to ensure your designs work like they should, and are functional as well as stylish.

Let’s walk through some of our designer lighting products and see how they can help elevate a space with shelf lighting.

LED Strips for Shelf Lighting

These are the easiest way to light your shelves in a variety of ways, while providing even lighting throughout. You can front light or backlight your shelves with our LED strips. We can help you make the decision based on the materials, including the finish and detailing of the shelves, to ensure we find you the best option for your needs.

Back lighting provides depth to a shelf and can be hidden away, out of view, in the back of the shelf in a gap. Back lighting also looks amazing when it shines through objects highlighting your prized possessions and items, and provides another aspect to your design.

Different colours can be used depending on the effect you’re wanting. In a home we recommend warmer lighting colours to fit in with the environment, but you can use cooler lighting when lighting a shelf in a business. At LALounge, we can help you decide which lighting effect will work best in your space and to highlight your design choices.


Our range of downlights includes small options, which are great for when you want to create lighting effects that stand out and draw the eye in. You can also use downlights to bring focus to any feature or object that you’d like, which makes them a favourite with architects.

At LALounge we can help you decide which downlight suits your design the best and how to best ensure that whatever item or feature you want highlighted is the stand out of the room. We can ensure that you get sizing right, finding the right size for a space is the key with downlights.

Downlights are especially fantastic when used in a display that includes glass, as it can bring out the sparkle and shine in the object without overpowering it. They can give a wide beam of light with the glare being controlled, which makes them practical for a variety of shelf lighting designs.

Miniature Shelf  Lighting

Some of the best things come in small packages. Our Nano range provides a similar effect to downlights, but in a much smaller size. These are fantastic for whimsical designs, as you can arrange them to look like miniature twinkling stars on your shelving, or use them for any other delicate effects you can imagine.

They’re especially lovely for shelving in little girls’ rooms to suit the aesthetic that often goes with designing their bedrooms. When you want the same effect as downlights but in a more controllable size, look to our mini lights for your shelf lighting designs.

Our Range

We only stock LED lights. In fact, we like to think we are LED light specialists. We stock a variety of unique Australian modern and contemporary designed lights, because we believe that practicality and function shouldn’t mean compromising on style.

Our lighting experts will help you choose the best lighting for your designs; you focus on your plans and your vision, and we’ll take care of the technical side!

The lighting ranges we stock that are best suited for shelf lighting are:

  •   Nano
  •   Confidential
  •   Edge
  •   Continuum

These are all LED lights, and we’ll explore why we only use LEDs below.

LED Shelf Lighting Ideas?

We love LED lights for a number of reasons. They last for over 10 years and won’t burn out like other lights. They use less energy than other lights and come in a range of formats to suit optimal shelf lighting. LED lighting strips especially are fantastic because they don’t run hot, making them suitable for running longer than other types of lights. They can be applied in a number of ways, making them incredibly versatile for use on many different materials, surfaces and finishes.

When it comes to shelf lighting if you want to stand out from the crowd and enhance your designs, talk to us at LALounge the Lighting Architects. We look after the installation and technical side of things, while recommending techniques and tips to make sure your well-known reputation as an expert architect is done justice. We will make sure you don’t make any lighting mistakes and will help solve your lighting problems, so that your designs aren’t affected by things like ceiling acne or dead space.

We also keep up to date with the relevant legislation and codes, so that you don’t have to worry. You can just focus on doing what you do best: designing fantastic rooms with lighting that complements your ideas.

LALounge is proud to stock modern and contemporary Australian LED lighting, because we believe in supporting Australian companies. Our stylish lighting will help you create shelf lighting effects that will make any shelving you design not just practical, but beautiful as well. Reach out to us today to start planning how to bring your designs and visions to life!

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