Lighting is not just about function. It’s an artful combination of function and aesthetics.

Lighting is primarily about the effect (rather than the fitting) with a few key pieces of feature lighting for decorative purposes

Lighting design is intentional. It’s a second chance to design a space. A room can take on a completely different feel with different lighting.

Lighting design especially for one’s home is a very personal endeavour taking into account individual lifestyle preferences, taste and budget. People describe the way they live in detail to us – everything from where they leave the keys and mail when they come in to where they will entertain and relax, activities for different spaces, where they put the collectibles for show or private enjoyment, whole rooms dedicated to pass times like music rooms, libraries, dance studios, art rooms…it’s intimate and very personal.

Lighting designs need to be flexible. It’s difficult to imagine in 3D form from a 2D plan. It’s not until the walls start going up that you are able to truly engage with the space, the flow of the area and what your requirements will be day to day, season to season. This is where the site visit is crucial to understanding the architecture and whether any new design elements need to be taken into consideration to get the best results.

Bronte House lighting by LA Lounge
Palm Beach dining area - LA Lounge Lighting Architects

Palm Beach

Project Name: Palm Beach Project

Architect: Sue Connor

Design brief and Lighting elements: Clean lines with minimal disruption to the view.

Products used: Triple Deep Cover, Deep Cover.

Vaucluse House

Project Name: Vaucluse House

Builder: Horizon Habitats

Design brief and Lighting elements: Light filled room with minimal disruption to the ceiling line by using inset plaster lights.

Products used: Double Deep Cover and Deep Cover Adjustable

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rose bay 1rose bay 2rose bay 3rose bay 4rose bay 5

Rose Bay House

Project Name: Rose Bay House

Architect: SJS Design

Design brief and Lighting elements: Simple and sleek in bronze tones with ability to highlight face.

Products used: Flattron wall light,task light over mirror, pendant by Interior Designer.

Surry Hills House

Project Name: Surry Hills

Architect: SJS Studio

Design brief and Lighting elements: To light bookcase and make the texture of the books stand out without seeing the light

Products used: Deep Cover, Pendants by Interior Designer

Interior designers have been nominated Australian interior Design award 2016

surry hills 3surry hills 2surry hills 1
woolwich 1woolwich 2

Woolwich House

Project Name: Woolwich

Architect: Weir Phillips Architects

Design brief and Lighting elements: Incorporate lighting seamlessly into this beautiful home and highlight all timber features with a soft and powerful Can lights

Products used: Muse, Deep Cover

Bronte House

Project Name: Bronte House

Architect: Walter Barda

Builder: Touchstone Construction Services, Master Builder of the Year 2014.

Lighting and Lighting Design: LA Lounge

bronte 1bronte 2
albert 1albert 2albert 3albert 4albert 5albert 6

Albert Street House

Project Name: 37 Kardinia Rd, Mosman

Architect: Weir Phillips Architects

Design brief and Lighting elements: To achieve appropriate lighting levels for this kitchen which is the heart of the home

Products used: Impact round downlight, LED strip profile under cabinets, Pendants by client.

Headland House

Project Name: Headland House

Architect: Weir Phillips Architects

Design brief and Lighting elements: Up lighting center to give a feeling of height and stop reflection of windows to allow the vein to shine.

Products used: LED Profile, Blush Square.