Knife Ceiling System


Source Type:  LED Strip on request

Adjustability: Fixed

Finishes:  Aluminium. Custom colour on request

An ‘In-plaster’ continuous linear slot system.  Knife detail is used to seamlessly light a vertical wall that appears as a shadow line giving a minimum visual impact to the room. 

Can be mounted at the edge of the ceiling lighting system to create a fine line of light and illuminate the upper wall whilst also illuminating a surface below.

Due to its concealed design, it greatly compliments a minimalistic or sleek, modern space, providing a wash on walls such as in hallways and feature walls in living spaces. 

It can also be used to hide exhaust fans and incorporate light in bathrooms.  

A soft, ambient light, an unique alternative for spaces rather than using regular ceiling lights or lamps. This can help to create the illusion of a higher ceiling or increase depth perception of a room and allow texture walls to disappear into the Knife detail.

Download (PDF, 823KB)