Modern Light Fittings that will enhance your home

Walking into a simple home and feeling inspired is a feeling you’re likely never to forget. It’s likely there are furnishings which may impress. Most commonly these are a comfy and inviting sofa, a large screen TV, and gorgeously tiled flooring. But it’s the use of lighting which sets the vibe for a home. Lighting can take it from average to spectacular, on the inside and outside. 

You can achieve the same breathtaking results in your own home. By using different lighting options, you can transform it to either trendy, modern or picturesque.

No matter the look and feel you are after, there is a range of modern light fittings to choose from, which complement the existing light of your home. It’s recommended to work with professional lighting designers, to achieve outstanding results. 

If you have experience with light fitting design, you can undertake a DIY project. But it’s advisable to take caution. As installing lights and performing electrical work can be dangerous without experience. 

By investing in modern light fittings, you can transform your home to give it a luxurious look and feel.

Modern Light Fittings that will enhance your home

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Modern Light Fittings Design Tips

Here is a collection of design tips which can help you truly enhance your home.

  1. Beauty Through Simplicity

A common theme in luxurious places is a minimalist and simple design. It provides pure elegance to even the most basic surroundings. You can use both natural and fitted lighting. Combined, they create a luxurious style with the right ambience you are looking for.

  1. Small Light Sources Can Make A Big Difference 

You can transform the ambience of a room through a tiny light source. A simple candle or string light can change the entire decor as much as a chandelier. A Small dim light which helps animate the interior provides an inviting warmth. It also highlights textures and helps complement the existing decor. You will see everything in a new light! 

The LED Bar – N4 provides background ambient lighting from a small and minimal light source. Its surface-mounted and has a beam angle of 120° to add some ambient lighting. 

Small Light Sources

The High Intensity – N3 light is great for when you want to make an impact with a tiny light. This surface-mounted light can beautifully brighten up even the darkest spaces of your home.

High Intensity - N3

  1. Let In More Natural Light

Installing large windows, skylights, and Velux windows lets you utilise natural light. Shine the sun’s happiness and comfort into your interior spaces. Natural light blends perfectly with modern light fittings. 

You should also add shutters. During the intense Summer days, you can block out the sun and heat. This helps keep your room cool through the scorching weather.  

  1. Transform Your Walls

Create spectacular effects across your walls by using wall lamps. Strategically placed wall lamps let you change the decor of your home at night. Wall lights are available in a vast range. They shine through your home as highly decorative and functional items. 

Some of the most popular options include:

Zoom – SW5

Zoom - SW5

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/wall-lights/zoom-sw5/

Featuring a built-in LED, the Zoom – SW5 is fully adjustable to get the perfect lighting angle for any wall. It is surface mounted, and available in Black and Bronze, as well as custom colours on request.

Lua – 1008

Lua -1008

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/wall-lights/lua-1008/

The Lua – 1008 is a fixed, surface mounted light. It has a colour temperature of 3000k, and is available in a white finish, with custom colours available upon request. 

Extreme Square – SW15

Extreme Square - SW15

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/wall-lights/extreme-square/

The Extreme Square – SW15 has a beam angle of 180° to really accentuate the highlights of your wall. It is surface mounted and fixed. Available in white, custom colours are also available upon request. 

  1. Minimalist Standing Lamps Offer Versatility

Finding simplistic standing lamps helps give your home a fancy and serene feeling. What’s even better is that a standing lamp requires no permanent modifications to your home. It can also be moved and readjusted to change the vibe of your home.

  1. Pendant Light Fittings 

Modern pendant light fittings have quickly become a staple of luxury homes. They work just as well as modern lounge light fittings as they do in the dining area. There is a fine line of sophistication between keeping pendant lights simple and having them feeling cluttered.

Seven Two pendant lights provide the perfect balance to keep things stylish and are available in glass, clear, and sand black finishes. 

Pendant Light Fittings

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/pendant/seven-two/

  1. Add Elegance With Monumental Chandeliers

Chandeliers and luxury go hand in hand. They provide the perfect breathtaking focal point of any interior design space. Chandeliers also work well to complement your modern lounge light fittings.

Choosing whether to go with a modern or conventional chandelier can be a tough decision. Combined with the position, the chandelier can make or break the decor.

  1. Light The Path

Tasteful step lighting helps to make light pop and bring out the highlights of your home. LED lighting superbly illuminates stairs and paths. It also provides a safety element in the house, especially for young children and the elderly. They also can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

light the path

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/step-light/hush-square-b100-2/#&gid=1&pid=3

Hush has a broad range of different internal step lights available in a variety of shapes, to work with every home. 

light the path

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/step-light/hush-round-b200-2/

They are available in Hush Square, Hush Round, Hush Mini Round, and Hush Mini Square.

  1. Stunning Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor exterior lighting provides beautiful light and texture. It works in combination with your garden and sculptures to deliver breathtaking results. See the detail of the grass and vegetation in all its glory. All this combines to make your backyard an inviting place, and one of the focal points of your home. 

The AX 9 has a minimal and sleek profile to step back and let your garden and landscaping take centre stage. It’s available in an antique bronze finish. The AX 9 has a beam angle of 38° and 180° flexibility to emphasise your garden from all the right angles. 

outdoor lighting

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/external/ax9/

  1. Ceiling lights

Adding the right ceiling lights can really create fantastic vibes. To get the most out of ceiling lights, you can take advantage of the effects they offer. As well as project them onto objects you wish to accentuate to set the perfect mood.

There is a huge range of downlights available to suit every home. The Deep Cover Adj – D15 is minimalist and provides enhanced lighting through modern lounge light fittings.

ceiling lights

Source: www.lalounge.com.au/products/internal/downlights/deep-cover-adj-d15/

These are only a few ways you can enhance your home by using modern light fittings. Check out the full range of LA Lounge modern light fittings for both internal lighting and external lighting.  

Our expert lighting designers at LA Lounge have thousands of ideas and suggestions to help you get inspired. Call us today on (02) 9999 4948 or contact us online for a free consultation.