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In partnering with ideare in Queensland, we are now offering more stunning light fittings such as the Halo and Mila pendants from Matthew McCormick Studio, and the beautiful hand made glass “Rain Series” designed by Gianfranco Coltella from Le Meduse.
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Enhance the ambiance of your place. Beautify your home or business with a variety of interior lighting designs & pendant lights in Sydney. Here at LA Lounge, we work hard to ensure that all types of interior lighting are available to serve your needs. We have a wide range of interior lighting designs and pendant lights. All great quality and beautiful to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge.


Keep the exterior of your home or office warm and bright with our selection of external lighting. The right external lighting enhances your landscape. And it makes your place look well-lit and feel safe. Generally, it improves people’s first impression of your place. At LA Lounge, we offer a variety of external lighting products. Our range suites a broad variety from unique taste, style, and preference. we design our product to be useful, combining both beauty and function.


With our vertically integrated structure, meaning we do it all ourselves.  We stay clear of the architectural lighting industry’s markups and middlemen.
We’ve put our heart and souls into the design and delivery to support you and your creative direction.
In short, as lighting designer in Sydney, we can design and deliver a unique and quality lighting designs such as pendant lights, and we ensure the greatest attention to detail at every single touch point of your project.
multi application - Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge

Our lighting design principles:

  • To design the lighting so it becomes part of the fabric of the building. To ensure that it is aesthetically timeless.
  • Create a variety of moods in every room with the lighting system.
  • Layer lighting with lighting techniques for combination of function and aesthetics.



Zoom Application Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge
The right lighting can create an appealing space and ambience. Surface mounted lighting fixtures can achieve the right mood, look and feel for each room.
There are beautiful and sleek design fittings available. The effects will vary depending upon the placement of the light. Surface mounted ceiling down lights illuminate the room in an even downward direction. So these are ideal for general illuminating purposes. It offers an appealing look and is used to disguise ceiling imperfections.

Surface Mounted Lighting Uses

You can utilise Surface mounted lighting in innovative ways. Use it for framing artwork. Inventive use of surface mounted lighting can often bring artwork to life. And achieve near gallery like effects. Lighting can also be a feature on the surface of a wall for a vacillating light effect. The right mix of surface lights, colour and space can create the perfect look and feel.

You can find Surface mounted lighting in residential and commercial complexes. It is often chosen because its easy process of fitting, installation and maintenance.
LA Lounge’s surface mounted lights design are all DALI compatible. They are dimmable according to your preferences and for all different applications. Highlight main interior living spaces and garages. Or use on exteriors for beautiful entrances and garden pathways. Finishes can be custom made, according to our client’s requirements. This results in a calm and beautiful space with the perfect ambiance.


Track - Application Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge
Lighting can have a major impact upon the visual appeal of a space and its functionality. We use track lighting and spotlight fixtures to highlight artworks.
These lighting fixtures usually don’t take up a lot of space. There is one central spot for the attachment of lights. Also these lights are small and useful for galleries and museums. Track lighting has become more fashionable for lighting offices and studios. Compared to other light types, these provide direct lighting in specific areas like the kitchen cupboards and bookshelves.

Variety of Fitting Designs

There are a variety of beautiful sleek fitting designs under this category. Track lights are best in spaces that consist of a rake or pitch ceiling, where common down lights can not be easily fitted. We use track lights for alternative downlighting. Since these lights are so versatile, we also use them within main living areas that need a well-lit space. These lights are especially useful for over a kitchen bench. Or to highlight artworks and feature walls. We also use track lights to illuminate hallways. And adding it on bedrooms can help achieve contemporary ambiance. Finally track lighting are also used to achieve an industrial appearance. Hence, you can find these in both commercial complexes and residential spaces.
Spotlights can achieve the same effects as track lights. Use spotlights to emphasise certain features of the space. Spotlights are great in kitchens and studies as they offer precise, illumination. You can use spotlights on the exterior of buildings too. Think of terrace ceiling spotlights. Or in ground/up lights within gardens and pathways. Similarly these help to frame landscape features.


led downlights sydney
Internal wall lights are also referred to as wall washers. There is also an artwork lighting design technique you can use with wall washers to illuminate large surfaces. Furthermore you can use light angles on your wall washers to create interesting shadows on textured walls.
These lights achieve a modern contemporary appearance and ambiance. Wall lights on vertical walls appear as feature walls. In addition these lights can create an illusion of a larger, brighter space or a higher ceiling.
Wall lighting helps in creating ambience or accenting particular aspects of a room. Ambient lighting creates quality, effective and general illumination. Great ambient lighting is not too bright. But should fill the room with enough lighting to allow people to see and move around safely.

LA Lounge – Lighting Designs Sydney’s Accent Lights

Accent lighting also enhances a room’s appeal by creating drama. Inventive use of height and shape creates stunning and surprising visual effects. Accent lighting is ideal for interesting artwork, plants or architectural elements. This type of lighting should be brighter than any complementary ambient lighting. Wall lighting in living spaces creates a softer and smoother illumination. Due to the softness of light, it is ideal to place these lights in hallways for an even distance illumination. This will avoid a walkway of bright lights.
LA Lounge’s wall lights have different finishes to suite most surfaces. Our wall lights are available with a variety of fittings to achieve different functions. Some brighten in a downward direction for general illuminating purposes. And are great for framing of artwork or can be feature mounted onto the surface of a wall for an up and down light effect. Perfect for residential complexes and commercial spaces such as a lobby. 


Nite Nite Recessed - Fitting - Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge
LA Lounge – Lighting Designs Sydney provide gorgeous reading lights that fall under the task lighting category. These lights are used to get a precise illumination for task type activities. LA Lounge’s reading lights are beautiful in design and create a dedicated source of light. As a result, these are great for night time reading or work-related activities. Precise illumination that won’t affect the surrounding space.
When it comes to reading lights a simple lighting principle should apply. That is to create a bright atmospheric reading zone. You can then have a subtle ambient light around it. This will go a long way toward protecting the eyes and preventing letters from blurring on the page.
Generally the reading material should be shadow free. Ceiling lamps usually won’t work very well, because the reader’s head is likely to cast a shadow on the paper. The solution to this problem is to position the reading light so the light fixture doesn’t cast reflections on the paper.

Adaptable Reading Lights

LA Lounge – Lighting Designs Sydney’s adaptable reading lights have proven to act as a stimulant. As a result, these lights help increase brain activity for concentration. Furthermore our pendant lights design allow you the ability to adjust the lights as you desire. If preferred, these lights can be set on walls of bedrooms or studies. They can be either put into the wall for a discrete appearance. They can be close off or taken out freely by the user for a clean and smoother access of the light fixture. Lighting designs Sydney lights have finishes that can be custom made for clients. Dimmable lights give a calming ambiance. But some designated activities need a precise source of illumination.


Pendant Lights Sydney

Pendant lights has become fashionable once again. And pendant lights perform a variety of functions. They go well beyond the basic function of space illumination. The pendant light often serves as a rooms focal point and creates a sense of visual perspective. Selecting the right pendant light can make or break a room. Also, it can often help to make small rooms appear larger than they are.

Selecting Pendant Lights

There is more to selecting a pendant light than the style and appearance. The right levels of illumination. Not too bright or not too dim. Scale and shape also play important role. The right combination of visual elements help to balance and set the tone and mood of a room.
Pendant lights are perfect addition to a variety of areas:

Pendant Lights for Kitchens

Generally pendant light fittings work best when its above an island bench in a single plane. In some circumstances, it can be place above a sink. In most cases two or three pendant lights look the most effective. This is dependent on the size of the space.

Bathroom Pendant Lights

The placement of a bathroom pendant light is critical. We want to avoid shadows where you need light. Carefully consider the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the pendant light. The results can be stunning.

Bedroom Pendant Lights

Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Pendant lighting can be the perfect mood lighting for bedrooms. A pendant located above the bed works very well. Same as the option of suspending smaller pendant lights each side of the bed.
Positioning a pendant light above the center of a dining table is a powerful way to anchor the space. It creates a visual balance as well.

Living Room Pendant Lights

Living rooms allow for creativity when it comes to lighting. Use pendant lights in a variety of interesting ways and to create a sense of drama.
LA Lounge can customise the pendant lights to suit the user. Lights are available in a range of finishes at Lighting Designs Sydney.
By its very nature, pendant lighting is very noticeable and therefore it is wise to choose your pendants with great care.
Pendant lights can range from the most simplistic of designs to the more decorative and ornamental styles so ensure that the type and style of pendant light you purchase, is one that complements the decor of the room. As well as aesthetics, you will also want to see how much light your potential pendant light will give out. Its not just the type of bulb that you have that determines the quality of light given out.

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