Why You Should Use a Lighting Designer on Your Next Project

It never ceases to amaze us how many architects refrain from using an architectural lighting designer on their projects, to the detriment of the design.

There is a range of Australian lighting designers that not only provide invaluable technical know-how but can also save your project money.

Considering how critical lighting is to a space, you can give yourself the peace of mind that you have an expert making the most of the various areas in your project. Be it the highlighting of architectural features, or creation of specific moods for different rooms, an interior lighting designer can be a valuable addition to your renovation team.

If you were to hire a quality lighting designer Sydney, or example, they would be able to provide a range of tasks including:

  • The creation of a lighting design plan for your whole project.
  • Find the most appropriate products for your space at the best prices.
  • Handle any required permits and code-compliance.
  • Ensure the correct installation of all products.

There are many more reasons that LA Lounge, lighting design experts, have compiled here to help you benefit you on your next project, if you have been considering acquiring the skills of a lighting professional.

Lighting Designer LA Lounge

Getting the most out of your space with professional lighting designers.

As we know, the right lighting can make or break the interior design of a home and significantly complement its architectural features. Home lighting designers can decide if recessed lights, pendants, or various other options are best for a particular space in question.

They can set-up the correct directional lighting to highlight artworks or create an in-depth layered lighting scheme that not only provides practical lighting but also creates a particular design aesthetic.

There is a host of common mistakes that many people make when organising the lighting for their property that can hinder the usefulness of a room, or simply refrain from getting the best out of it visually – an interior lighting designer can help avoid these pitfalls. This is most pertinent in the kitchen where people often use recessed lighting, failing to illuminate the vital work areas. 

You’ll find that good lighting designers will work closely with the owner or architect to find out how the home will be used, customising a unique plan to create the perfect fit. By having a tailored lighting scheme, the occupiers’ enjoyment of their space will significantly increase.

Making the most of technology.

As with most things, the advancements in lighting technology are moving very quickly. Almost to a point that anyone who is not regularly concerned with lighting design will not know much about new offerings. This is where a lighting designer, whose job it is to be aware of all new products, can be very useful. 

The systems on the market are vast and ever-changing, making it harder to go with the best option. Save this confusion by engaging a professional who can illuminate the right path for things like:

  • LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. 
  • The best longevity and energy efficiency.
  • Dimmer options and methods. 
  • Colour temperature.
  • Varieties of fixtures. 
  • Ratings for contact with insulation. 
  • Trim options. 

Good home lighting designers will make the most of the best technologies available, inclusive of smart or automated lighting, to help create a more efficient and comfortable space for the home.


Controls and energy codes.

It is crucial that your lighting setup is neat and easy-to-use, and a lighting designer can plan the best installation to achieve this. You don’t want walls full of switches, especially when it comes to the software-based smart lighting-controls as mentioned in the previous point.

A lighting designer can program all of the necessary timers or setup computer and phone integration, as well as the correct links to any audio-visual or home security controls.

Depending on where in Australia your project is, there may be particular energy or environmental codes that need to be adhered to, or you may be aiming for a project that is as sustainable as possible.

A lighting designer knows which types of lights are appropriate for specific spaces and relevant local codes. Reducing the energy impact of an area can also be a great way to save on utility bills in the future.

Lighting designer save you money.

We’ll end on an essential point, and also the one that people often do not realise. Hiring a lighting designer comes at a cost that can be recouped when ordering products directly from manufacturers, creating a plan that reduces lighting costs and saving labour time by overseeing an efficient installation.

Above all, you will be delivering a higher-quality final product and successful project, which keeps the clients happy and leads to that invaluable positive word-of-mouth that we all strive for!

Allow a professional lighting designer to take some tasks off of your large to-do list and ensure they are completed correctly, safe in the knowledge that you have provided your clients with the best options available.

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Professional lighting designer – Speak to LA Lounge

If you see the benefits of hiring a lighting designer, LA Lounge architectural lighting design consultants can help create a comprehensive, well-communicated plan for your lighting scheme. We have contributed to the smooth-running of a range of projects that stick to the relevant budgets and time frames, all with genuinely successful outcomes. 

Our Sydney-based Lighting Designers are available for an appointment to discuss your project and provide a more specific plan of how we can help bring the best out of it.

We are well versed across all of the latest technologies, including various home control systems and can take the stress out of the decision making process with an architectural lighting design plan, schedules and all of the necessary specifications for lighting, automation, electrical systems and more.

LA Lounge are experts in both lighting and design and will accurately communicate our ideas to you and your team, ensuring total efficiency and the best attainable design result for your project.