The Smart Way to Install LED Downlights

When it comes to LED downlights, Sydney residents are opting for this feature in their homes more and more as they use much less power than some of the more traditional lighting options. They also last for a significant amount of time and run at a safe temperature.

Above all, LED downlights offer a stylish and sleek lighting solution that matches the minimalist aesthetic of most modern homes.When it comes to downlights installation, there are some things to keep in mind to maintain flexibility in your lighting structure while also avoiding high installation costs.

For LED downlight installation, Sydney turns to LA Lounge, the architectural lighting design company who are not only experts in all things downlights, but also provide expert architectural lighting designs for your entire lighting scheme. Read on for the smart way to install your LED downlights. 

Things to consider before installation 

Before installing your LED downlights, you’ll want to make a note of the size of any previous can lights. Downlights are excellent replacements for can lights, but you need to ensure the opening is between four to six inches. 

The wattage is another element that you will need to make a note of. The most popular LED downlight is a 65W; however, you can opt for a higher or lower wattage depending on the level of brightness you would like in the room.

You are also able to customise the colour temperature to how warm (yellow) or cool (blue) you would like the lighting of the space to be. Starting from 2700K, which is classed as a soft white incandescent temperature, through to 5000K, known as daylight white, there is a range of options available.  

Power plugs for LED Downlights

The first thing to consider is that every LED downlight should have its own power plug.  The main reasons for this are safety and flexibility. Some people opt for the hard-wiring option, but individual plugs make replacement or temporary removal (in the case of painting, for example) much more straightforward.

Once the wiring has been fitted in this way, the lights simply plug in, meaning you can do it yourself easily once the builders and painters have completed their tasks. This method also makes it easy to swap the lights varying styles or brightness levels should you feel like a bit of a change, it also makes the replacement of any broken transformers a simple task! 


Replacing halogen downlights with LEDs

If you are looking to swap out your halogen downlights with LED models for the energy savings and longevity, you’ll first need to determine the wattage. If your existing downlights are 240V (GU10) or 12V (MR16), you will require the relevant match in your LED bulb.

For those retrofitting you’ll need to consider whether you are performing a straight swap of the bulb or entire light fitting, as well as the number of fittings to be replaced this will significantly affect the cost.

This is; however, a worthwhile exercise as ten LED downlights use 75 percent less energy than the halogen counterparts saving a significant amount of energy and by extension, money. The initial investment you make to replace these lights will be returned quickly via these great savings!

LED Downlights Beam Angles

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Another consideration for your downlights installation is the beam angle of your downlights, which is the amount of light spreading from your LED.

This is measured in degrees with most downlight offering a beam angle of 45° due to the fact that they are recessed. A regular light bulb, for example, provides a 360° beam angle.

Downlights are recessed, so choosing a wider beam of around 60° will offer soft diffused lighting perfect for spaces like a living room. Areas like the kitchen may be better suited to a narrower beam of 25° which provides a concentrated light that will illuminate specific surfaces and smaller details.

No matter what size your room may be, it would be best if you aimed for pools of light as opposed to glaring light as this will create a more comfortable ambiance in the space. If you want to play it safe, however, when it comes to beam angle, anything from 60 to 120 degrees will be suitable.

You will, however, need to consider the spacing of your LED downlights to work with your beam angles before installing. If you are using a wider beam, you should aim to space the downlight roughly 1.2 to 1.5 metres apart. If your beams are more concentrated, one-metre distance should be fine.

A great way to figure out your spacing is by calculating the total number of lights you need, then space them at the exact same distance from each other throughout the room. 

LED Downlights Installation Sydney

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When installing or reconfiguring your lighting layout, whether you are using LED downlights or something else, it is essential to get it right straight away to save yourself many headaches down the track. This is why people opt for help from professionals like the experienced team from LA Lounge, who can ensure that you are selecting the best kind of lights and layout for the space.

Together, we can perform a lighting consultation to understand and examine your plans and interior design features to then decide on the details for your architectural lighting design.

Our team will take into account your inspiration, the look, and feel of the space you are creating, along with any personal preferences you have for the overall aesthetics of the home. 

We offer an exclusive range of lighting products, including LED downlights options, and can ensure the correct and most-efficient installation of the lighting design.

Speak to the experienced team at LA Lounge today (02-9999-4948) and rest easy knowing the best possible lighting design for your space is the one you will be enjoying for many years to come.

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