Kitchen Lighting Design Trends for 2020

The kitchen is a vital area of your home as it is not only a heavily used section; it’s also a workspace. For this reason, function and aesthetics are equally as important, which is why you want to ensure you have the right kitchen lighting ideas that is also updated with the current kitchen lighting trends.

From the kitchen with pendant lighting idea to a range of LED kitchen lighting options, there are some primary kitchen lighting trends in particular that are dominating the modern home so far in 2020. As the experts in all things lighting design LA Lounge has compiled seven of them here so you can pick which best suits your style.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

kitchen lightingKitchen Lighting Trend #1: Pendant lights 

With an impressive look that hangs down from the ceiling, the modern kitchen lighting pendant option is exceptionally versatile.

Available in a variety of finishes, you can easily move from an antique brass look to something a little more simple like plain black. Pendant lighting is available in several different styles and bulb-count fixtures.

The standard pendant is perfect for the kitchen, especially if you choose one with a compatible dimming switch and dimmable LED lights.

By offering directional light for specific tasks as well as enough illumination for a comfortable ambiance, pendant lights look luxe, all for an affordable price. Perfect for over islands, sinks and counters, for everything from contemporary to farmhouse decor.


Kitchen Lighting Design Trend #2: Downlights 

Another popular choice in the kitchen is the simple downlight, as it can attach to the ceiling with barely any gap between it and the fixture. This type of kitchen lighting is advantageous for many households, as it requires only a small amount of cleaning and will never be in the way, which is particularly helpful if you have low ceilings or a small kitchen.

Another affordable option for your home, downlights are available in several sizes and are best when paired with a simple design that can look at home in any kitchen. Some downlights offer an edge-to-edge lighting design, giving consistent illumination throughout the fixture, avoiding any dark corners.

This can be great when cooking and, once again, able to be used with compatible light dimmers for a characteristic ambiance. Downlights are easy to install, offering an impressive light. 


Kitchen Lighting Design Trend #3: Tube Lights

If you are looking for an option in bigger kitchens, you may like to consider a light that uses tube bulbs. Longer than standard fixtures, tube models can light up a bigger area making your kitchen nice and bright. Take, for example, a tube light with a 52-inch design, which can reduce the need for multiple lights in your kitchen.

A tube light fixture will look right at home in a modern kitchen, but cannot be used in conjunction with dimmer switches. They are, however, easy to install, offering a significant amount of light that turns on instantly, making them ideal for a contemporary kitchen. 


Kitchen Lighting Design Trend #4: Track lighting

The trend of track lighting features multiple fixtures that can be angled in different directions. This can be a highly useful option for your kitchen, as you can light hard-to-reach areas thanks to the multi-directional heads. 

Standard size track lighting, for example, may have four adjustable light heads on moveable fixtures that can also be compatible with certain light dimmers. These lights offer a high-quality appearance, great for use in the kitchen that allows you to have a slightly different look in your home.


Kitchen Lighting Design Trend #5: Under cabinet lights

For a different effect, kitchen lighting can be installed in the cabinets above your kitchen counters. This extra task lighting comes in the form of under-cabinet lights, which allow you to illuminate your counters with additional light to help improve visibility while cooking.

Often hardwired under the counter come in a variety of lengths offering even, long-lasting light distribution via LED bulbs. Most models also offer a slim profile making them near invisible when mounted underneath your kitchen cabinets. The lights can be controlled with an on/off rocker switch, making it easy to have a bright, visible kitchen countertop. 


Kitchen Lighting Design Trend #6: Recessed lights 

Best installed into an opening in the ceiling, “barely-there” recessed kitchen lights will light up your home without affecting the aesthetic of your ceiling.

These lights will blend right in with the ceiling so that you barely even notice they’re there. Often available with integrated energy-efficient LEDs, these lights will operate for many hours without maintenance, so you don’t have to grab the ladder to change bulbs anytime soon.

Easy to install and able to supply a good amount of light into any room, recessed lights are an excellent option if you want energy-efficient kitchen fixtures that you will hardly see.


Kitchen Lighting Trends #7: Chandelier 

A chandelier in the kitchen? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You can make a bold statement without overwhelming your kitchen with a chandelier. Often a little more expensive than other lighting options, it can be a great way to bring instant elegance into your home.

Try a model with six candelabra base lights and one downlight, which can allow you to use different lighting combinations for a very versatile lighting solution.


Unsure which kitchen lighting design trend is best for you?

Still unsure which of these trends is your best bet? It may be none of them, as you require something a little off-book? Either way LA Lounge are the lighting experts who can help you find the right answer.

Speak to our skilled team of lighting designers today and reap the benefits of a professional kitchen lighting design ideas in your home. We are experts at finding the right solution that offers the most stunning look.

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