Kitchen Lighting Ideas Australia

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Not only is it a space for cooking, it also acts as a social area and a place to spend time with your loved ones. An aesthetically pleasing space can provide so much more than just a nice looking room.

Although choosing cabinets, worktops and furniture is an important part of the process, the lighting in this room is the most important step. When done right, kitchen lighting can look effortless, however, it is one of the more technical spaces to light up.

Why you need kitchen lighting design?

A kitchen needs to be well lit to safely prepare food, but maintaining a homely atmosphere is also usually high up on people’s lists. Because of this, it can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect balance. Here at LA Lounge we have heaps of kitchen lighting ideas to perfectly light up any style of kitchen.

Why you need Kitchen Lighting Design Team

A lighting designer is an integral part of any interior design team. They can artistically light textures and materials, help you decide on dimmer lights and simply understand how to light your room in the most flattering way. Lighting designers will provide you with the best kitchen lighting ideas.

LA Lounge has an entire architectural lighting design team ready to take some pressure out of your next project. From your initial concepts right through to the finished project, LA Lounge will ensure that your project runs smoothly to your time, budget and look.

Our team will meet with you to discuss your vision and help you work it into a detailed, well communicated plan for your entire lighting scheme.

How to choose kitchen lighting?

Layers of Light: 

Task. This lighting illuminates work spaces, such as countertops where you are prepping food or inside a pantry closet so you can see what goods are stocked on those shelves.
Accent. This highlighting adds depth and dimension to the environment. Examples include recessed adjustable fixtures and track lights.
Decorative. This is the eye candy in a kitchen, or what Whitehead calls, “architectural bling.” The purpose of decorative lighting is to add interest to a space. Examples include chandeliers and candlestick-type wall sconces.

Three qualities to look for when selecting an energy efficient light bulb.

1. Color temperature. Look for a bulb that is 2700 to 3000 Kelvin. “That is going to match the color temperature of incandescent lamping and it will blend well with the rest of your residential environment,” he says.
2. CRI rating. Color rendering index (CRI) is important because it is how color is interpreted. In other words, a low CRI light looks more gray. “The higher the CRI, the better you will see the colors rendered,” Dross explains. He recommends a CRI of 80 or higher.
3. Energy Star. This certification ensures that the light bulb went through longevity testing and has a minimum of 80 CRI.

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights boast a double-duty function as both a mood changer and space-saver. Since they are installed underneath the cabinet, as the name implies, you save much-needed counter space. If the lights are dimmable, you can also use them to change the mood in the kitchen by dimming or brightening the lights according to your needs.

Flushmount Fixtures

If low ceiling height is an issue for your small kitchen, flushmount lighting can be a perfect way to keep a small space looking polished without compromising style.

Mounted directly to the ceiling, these fixtures can keep the kitchen visually open, while still adding a bit of design focus in a smaller space.

Close-to-Ceiling Lights

If you have the height available, you may want to consider flushmount’s first cousin, semi-flushmount. Both kinds are called close to ceiling lights in the design world.


Stylish kitchen pendant lighting is another option. You can make a series of pendants work in a small kitchen if you go with a delicate look.

If you are truly limited on space, a small sized pendant over the sink might give just enough texture and shine in a space.


Yes, an eye-catching chandelier can work in a small kitchen. It may be the most challenging category to incorporate, but with a keen eye on selecting a fixture that is scaled to the space, has sleek style and smart placement, you can enjoy a chandelier in your tiny kitchen.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lights can work in every style. There are so many different pendant lights on offer so you’ll be sure to find one that will suit the style of your kitchen.

If you have a farmhouse style kitchen, black pendant lights work really well, as you can see in the picture below. Pendant lights are important in a kitchen because they can light where you will be doing most of your work.

Whether you’re chopping, slicing or reading a recipe, having this task lighting is essential.

The kitchen lighting should be positioned in front of where you’re working to make sure there isn’t any shadow on the working surface.

Although it may sound like this would create harsh lighting in the room, when mixed with ambient, recessed lighting you can still maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Kitchen Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting works best when placed around the perimeter of the room and keeps the whole kitchen tastefully lit.

Here at LA Lounge, we can help you decide on whether or not to choose dimmer lights for in your kitchen. This way, you can adapt your kitchen to the situation.

Whether you’re studying at the workbench or planning a romantic dinner, dimmable lights can be adjusted to suit the desired atmosphere.

We recommend using the dimmable DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)kitchen lighting system with our unique range of Australian Designer lights because it looks fantastic and is easy to set up.

The system is also economical because it features simple wiring and is digitally managed. Because of this, you don’t need to fuss over hiring a skilled worker to handle the cabling during the initial installation or when it needs to be altered later on.


Edison Bulbs for Kitchen Lights

The industrial look is very in fashion right now and it’s a great way to style your kitchen. Not only does it look trendy, it doesn’t cost an awful lot to achieve the look. Because it’s all down to preference, your client can decide exactly how stripped back and unrefined they want it to look.

Exposed brick, high ceilings and polished concrete floors are just a few recurring elements in industrial spaces, however, the lighting style you choose is easily the cherry on top.

Edison bulbs are very in fashion right now, you see them in hipster cafes, gallery spaces and as a focal point in some homes. As you can see in the picture below, Edison bulbs work really well in an industrial kitchen.

A few Edison bulbs over a black island bench complete the industrial look while also providing efficient lighting in the task area.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lightings

One of the trending kitchen lighting ideas is the under kitchen cabinet lighting, it has many benefits in a kitchen. Not only does it draw your attention and create a warm atmosphere, it also works really well as task lighting.

Under cabinet lighting is great at eliminating shadows on the worktops, so not only does it look fantastic, it’s also incredibly practical.

Warm lighting under your cabinets, as you can see in the picture below, can completely change the overall feel of the room. Using warm lighting in this area creates a warm and homely atmosphere and is perfect if you want to create a cosy feel in the kitchen.

Similarly to the pendant lighting, this style can also work in any kitchen because there are so many different styles to choose from.

LED lighting is the most common for under cabinet lights because of its longevity, high-energy savings and low heat output. LA Lounge’s team can help you work your way through the process by helping you pick out which lighting style is best for your space.

Kitchen Lighting Designer

A kitchen is an integral part of the home. It acts as a cooking area, a social space and somewhere to express your creativity.

Although choosing the decor is an important aspect, picking the right lighting is an essential element to designing any kitchen. The lighting in this room needs to look fantastic but also work practically, and we’re here to help.

At LA Lounge, we’re happy to help you work through your kitchen lighting ideas to create a well rounded project plan from start to finish.

Our experienced architectural lighting design team can help you pick the right lighting, talk you through dimmable light systems and also help you work to your budget.

To book a free lighting design consultation at our Neutral Bay showroom, visit our website.

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