Introducing Philips Antumbra Light Switch

In 2018, we want everything to be customisable. From our smartphones right through to our brand new sneakers. We want everything to represent us in a unique and interesting light. Endless customisation is on offer everywhere. It’s no surprise that it has made its way into the lighting technology market.

With this in mind, the Philips Antumbra range is one of our most popular smart lighting systems. Philips Dynalite is already one of the most well-respected lighting technology companies.

There are three Antumbra models: The AntumbraButton, the AntumbraTouch and the AntumbraDisplay. These products utilise advanced lighting technology.

At LA Lounge we love using the latest in environmental and light monitoring technology. This is why we can’t wait to tell you all about the Philips Antumbra light switch. Here are our top four reasons why you should consider the powerful Philips Antumbra.

  1. Continuous monitoring of your environment


We all like our technology to be smart while still looking chic and fashionable. Minimalist fashion is in at the moment, and that can be seen in all aspects of our lifestyle. Even in the lighting industry!

Like many devices today, the Philips Antumbra comes with a couple of nifty little sensors. These hide behind the panels. Each panel has its own integrated temperature and light monitoring system. This means it continuously monitors these variants for you.

Ambient Lighting

The Philips Antumbra is especially good at picking up ambient lighting. It then adjusts light levels as the ambient light varies throughout the day. At night, the Philips Antumbra will fade lights down.

But this is programmable to keep certain lights and pathways illuminated. This is perfect for the office. You can keep certain parts of the building lit for security and safety reasons. But still have other lights automatically fade as the sun sets.

You can program your Air conditioning and control it using the Philips Antumbra. This allows for both easy climate and lighting control in one place. Think of it as your very own smart system that knows exactly how you like your home!

  1. Your own personal home lighting butler


Field effects technology is rapidly becoming the standard in lighting systems. And the Philips Antumbra light switch is one of the best on the market. Field effects technology senses a person’s presence.

The Philips Antumbra utilises this technology in their products. Anytime you come close to use the switch, it wakes up the panel with a light wash effect. This is especially useful when you are looking for your light switch at night.

Extra Safety

Not only does this provide extra convenience, it also allows for extra safety when entering or exiting a building in the dark. The use of field effects technology allows the Antumbra light switch to power down when not in use. This also allows it to seamlessly blend with any wall colour or decoration.

Finally, Antumbra’s field effects technology can be completely customised. You can effectively turn it into your own home lighting butler. And welcome you home with your personal lighting scene, air conditioning and music. How cool is that!

  1. Easily customisable convenience


As mentioned before, we all love customisable items. But what’s better than something customisable? Something customisable and super convenient! The panels of the Philips Antumbra light switch are easily customisable.

Effortless Integration

You can effortlessly integrate it into your lifestyle and personal requirements. Each panel on the AntumbraButton can be fully customised. You can have different icons and text options. You can access your settings with the touch of a button.

If you are looking for more in-depth options, the AntumbraDisplay allows up to 16 pages of icons. This means you have access to a wide range of activities from a single LCD display.

Elegant Light Switch

Finally, the AntumbraTouch is by far the most elegant of the Antumbra models. It has a smooth glass finish that uses touch technology to resist wear and tear. With multiple facia and rim finishes, the Antumbra range can fit into any style or design.

This is combined with a wide range of customisable features. Such as icons, horizontal-or-vertical orientations, dozens of language options and an online configurator. It is a smart tool with endless possibilities to make your lighting system unique.

  1. A centralised and powerful LCD system


In 2018, we like our technology to be capable of multiple things. Let’s take a look at our phones as an example. These days, they aren’t just for making phone calls. We want them to have high-quality cameras, internet capabilities and games too.

Similarly, the Philips Antumbra light switch is a wholly centralised system. This means you can control several functions from the one panel, including temperature, blinds and audio. Antumbra is also network controlled. It can be used for any sort of environment, including residential, retail and office.

Temperature & Lighting Control

Antumbra continuously checks the environment for temperature and lighting. And can be programmed to switch to various settings. Instantly create a boardroom or home-entertainment scene with the touch of a button.

The Philips Antumbra can even be set to a daily “after-hours” mode. This mode dims your lights, turns on the security system and switches off the air conditioning. All while still lighting pathways to exit the building. This means that office workers can safely leave at the end of the work day.

This wide range of settings can be controlled from one central LCD touch light switch. And it creates an easy and smart lighting system that is simple to use and easy to maintain.

The Philips Antumbra light switch is one of LA Lounge’s favourite smart lighting systems. Whether you are looking for a system that will improve your office design plan. Or just a convenient and customisable system for your home. Book a free lighting design consultation with our team. Visit us at our stunning Neutral Bay showroom or call on (02) 9999 4948. Or visit our website. We are experts in implementing the most powerful and convenient smart lighting systems.

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