Home Lighting Consultants: Tips To Avoid 5 Technical Lighting Challenges

Trying to capture the perfect lighting for a home, can be a very technical challenge. Light changes based on the time of the day, and the season.

What makes it harder is that you can’t see the light until it covers a surface area.

Like other areas of design, good lighting design appears almost invisible. It should be in the background, subtly. But when poorly done, it’s right there in your face.


Home Lighting Consultants – The Right Balance

How do you find the right balance and deal with the challenges presented by light? A qualified home lighting consultant can provide you with solutions, which add to the aesthetic element of your design. While also being practical and functional.

At LA Lounge, we approach each project by looking at the home as a blank canvas. Then we use refined and subtle practices to start using lighting to paint the canvas.

We understand the vision of our clients and work with them in a collaborative process. Our home lighting consultants in Sydney provide practical advice.

We help you express your interior design and bring your vision to life as intended.

Trying to install technical lighting DIY can bring with it a whole range of problems.

So let’s take a look at how to avoid the top 5 technical lighting challenges with  qualified home lighting consultants:

1. Blend Into The Space Perfectly

There are times when a space has been designed for a light fixture to be the centrepiece, such as with a chandelier.

But it’s more likely for an architect to want to add light fixtures subtly. Instead, light fixtures are used to enhance other components of the space. Rather than being in the limelight themselves.

Do you want the lighting to blend into the space, without drawing any attention or being a focal point? Our domestic lighting consultants can help.

2. Avoid Any Glare

Glare causes visual discomfort for people. It is irritating when there is a bright source of light directly in their line of sight. Having a home design which has glare is a nightmare, and takes away from the enjoyment of the home.

Our Home lighting consultants in Sydney spent a lot of time and emphasis on designing lighting. We carefully create and revise our designs to ensure to avoid any visible glare in the home.  

For most people, glare causes a lot of discomfort, which is especially a big problem with LED lighting. LEDs are point source lights, which means they naturally can cause a lot of glare. Because of this, they can be difficult to configure.

As a lighting designer, it’s ideal to have a quiet ceiling which has no areas which cause strain on anyone’s eyes. The ceiling of every space should be a minimalist space. It should also be without any glare or sparkles throughout.

3. Consistent Lighting Across Spaces

It’s quite uncommon for a housing lighting project to only use one kind of lighting. A residential lighting consultant will use a combination of different lightings. Ambient lighting, task lights, and downlights seamlessly complement each other. They also provide a space which is optimally lit.

A problem with older light sources is that over time they have been known to shift colour. With low-quality products, this can happen with only a few hundred hours of use. This means the lighting of a home is no longer optimal or as it was originally intended.

But, by using quality products, they will give you a consistent colour temperature shade. Dealing with a green or pinkish hue that low-quality products tend to have is now a thing of the past.

4. Excellent Control

LED lighting gives you unlimited controllability with a lighting control system. The possibilities are endless. They let you do things such as dim your lights, use timers and connect them with sensors throughout the home.

Unlocking the true power of a lighting control system gives total flexibility to control colour tuning. This provides optimal cognitive functioning for productivity. Our LED lighting consultant can also configure daylight settings to achieve the maximum energy efficiency possible.

5. Different Light Distribution

Being able to control the light distribution of a fixture is something which often gets overlooked. But it is an important variable in determining the best type of lighting to use for a space.

Designers tend to look for wide distribution (or low-peak intensity distribution, also known as a ‘batwing’) to provide a smooth ceiling.

Using downlights requires a clean beam which won’t leave halos or streams all over the walls.

Trying to find the right technical configurations for lighting can cause more than a few headaches. It can also lead to a significant time investment to get them right. Luckily, home lighting consultants Sydney are experts when it comes to enhancing a home with lighting.

Types of Technical Lighting Options

At LA Lounge, we use a large variety of lighting options to overcome any technical challenges.

Surface Mounted Lighting

Zoom- Fitting

Surface mounted lighting is ideal for creating an ambient feel and an appealing space. It can be tailored to suit each room. Some uses include for framing artwork. As well as providing a feature on a wall’s surface to create a shifting lighting effect.


Track - Application Lighting Designs Sydney by LA Lounge

Track and spotlight lights are tiny and well suited to either a home office or studio. Or even to provide direct lighting in certain areas which are usually poorly lit. Like a bookshelf or kitchen cupboard.

Internal Wall Lights

Fin 30- Fitting

Internal wall lights are perfect for illuminating a large surface. They also give a modern contemporary ambience and work well with creating shadows on textured walls. Wall lights give the impression of a brighter and larger space or a higher ceiling in a room.

Reading Lights

Nite Nite _ LA Lounge

LA Lounge provides beautiful reading lights which have a precise illumination. They are ideal whether for reading at night or for work. They won’t affect the surrounding space and offer an atmospheric reading zone. This ensures they don’t strain your eyes while reading late at night.

Pendant Lights

Home Lighting Consultants Sydney - LALounge

Pendant lights provide more than just illuminating a space. They can act as the focal point of a room, and add visual perspective. They can also help smaller rooms to appear larger. Choosing the right pendant lights can make or break a room.

Use Lighting To Transform Your Design

At LA Lounge we are an architectural lighting design company. We work closely with architects to bring their visions to life. We create extraordinary lighting plans while using state of the art light fittings.

Our projects begin with a consultation. This allows us to work collaboratively with you on the initial lighting concept design for the home.

We go over where lights should be strategically placed, how they should behave, and what they need to do.

Based on the home size, we will also provide consultation costs upfront. One of our lighting designers will work closely with you to find the perfect lighting solution.

We help you take your home design to the next level. Consultations can either be done in person or over the phone.

LA Lounge Services

We understand there are many different lighting options available. Which is why we provide a large variety of services, to complement and enhance any project you are working on.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution approach. At LA Lounge we provide you with a fully customised lighting plan. We utilise a variety of different lights. It’s time to transform your home design from amazing to breathtaking.

Are you looking for creative lighting consultants near you who think outside the box? At LA lounge, our domestic lighting consultants use a mix of art, problem-solving, math, and science to find the perfect lighting blend.  

All our home lighting consultants have years of experience. They have fitted hundreds of homes with technical lighting solutions.  Flicking a switch can set the perfect mood, vibe, and function. It can also create an aesthetically timeless home.

Are you interested in enhancing your home design through dynamic and functional lighting?

Speak to one of our home lighting consultants Sydney today. Call (02) 9999 4948 or contact us online.