Front Door Lighting Tips

There is no better feeling than pulling up in your driveway and seeing how homely your place looks. Whether you have a beautiful front garden, you love the structure of your home or the warm lighting makes you feel cosy inside, there really is no place like home. But we have to ask, what turns a house into a home? Is it the architecture, the furniture you choose or the lighting? Although we can’t pin it down to one aspect, it is clear that lighting can have a huge impact within a home. Whether you are deciding if you should go for that feature light, if dimmable lights are the right fit for your home or how to pick the perfect task lighting for your bathroom, LA Lounge’s team is here to help. Our expert lighting design team can help you work through the initial ideas phase all the way to your finalised project. Our team will happily help you come up with a polished plan that aligns with your timescale and budget.

Although front door lighting sounds like a walk in the park, it can be hard to know where to begin because there are often so many options to choose from. If you walk or drive down any residential street, your eyes are always drawn to the house with the invitingly lit front door. Whether it’s a simple technique or an opulent fixture, when front door lighting is done well, it creates the right atmosphere for your home. When it’s done right, front door lighting can complement your entire home’s architecture by highlighting charismatic textures on the walls or warmly illuminating your porch area. Front door lighting can also add an extra layer of home security and safety for when you or your guests are making their way into your place. But where do you even begin to decide on the right front door lighting for your home? When you walk through a lighting showroom, there are countless options available for every style of home. Our professional and experienced team can take some of the pressure off of your next project by helping you with different ideas and concepts you may never have thought of. But, as a starting point, here are some simple front door lighting tips for every style home to inspire your renovation.

When you think of the entrance to a beautiful, welcoming home, what do you see? Trimmed hedges and porches are prominent features, but what does the lighting look like? If you are looking for a simple yet effective lighting design for your front door space, recessed lighting is a great option. Recessed lighting is versatile and provides both ambient and task lighting to a space, making it the perfect style for the forefront of your home. This design is the pinnacle of effortless chic, and in this space, it creates a warming and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. As this lighting style is simple, you can add in a feature light either above or on the side of the door, as you can see in the image below. As the porch lantern style works best with additional lighting, you can also express your creativity in other parts of this area. For example, some architects like to combine this look with stair lighting, which you can read about in our previous post. We love the front door lighting style shown in the picture below which incorporates the use of recessed lighting as well as a small feature light to draw your focus to the front door. Using warm and dimmed lighting, this style is just inviting you in and perfectly complements the aesthetic of the house’s exterior.

porch lights

The use of up and down lights can create a chic and modern effect at the entrance to your contemporary home. This front door lighting style perfectly illuminates your front entrance while looking completely effortless. Here at LA Lounge, we can recommend the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) compatible Zoom – SW5 which comes in black and bronze, or even in a custom colour on request. The Zoom is a built in LED, which means it is energy efficient, durable and has a long lifetime – perfect for use at your front door. As it is also DALI compatible, you know you are purchasing an internationally reputable brand. The DALI system is dimmable, so you can pick the perfect lighting scheme for your home. As this front door lighting style works for a variety of homes, having the dimmable option of warm or bright lighting is important. As you can see in the image below, the modern farmhouse look works incredibly well with a harsher style of up and down lighting as it creates a dramatic illumination on the textures of the brick. However, if you’re living in a contemporary home with smooth walls, a warm and dimmed style may work better. The DALI system is also incredibly simple to set up and use, and can even be reconfigured using your smartphone or computer. How easy is that!


Although it may not be at the forefront of your renovation plans, front door lighting is an essential aspect of designing your home. Front door lighting has plenty of benefits for your home. It can complement the architecture by warmly lighting the space or highlighting unique textural aspects of the walls. Not only that, front door lighting can also add an extra layer of home security and safety for both you and your guests as they make their way into your home. Our professional and experienced team at LA Lounge are here to help you create the perfect lighting design plan for any style home. Our lighting design team can help you work through your initial and rough ideas to create the perfect project plan while operating within your time and budget. To meet our team, please book a free lighting design consultation at our Neutral Bay showroom on our website.

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