Dining Room Lighting Ideas and Tips

According to Houzz, we spend around 12% of our lives in the kitchen, which is almost an average of 2.8 hours a day. If we consider how much time we spend in the kitchen, imagine how much of our days end up in the dining room!

Dining Room Lighting Architect

The dining room serves its purpose as a place to eat, study, write, play board games and spend time with friends, so here at LA Lounge we believe it is an important space to light. The lighting in this space needs to be multipurpose and versatile, so it isn’t the easiest place to design.

However, our expert and professional team would love to help you with your next project! We can help you create the perfect lighting design for your space, all while working to your budget, time restraints and ideas.

Our unique and exclusive Australian design collection is the perfect addition to any contemporary home, with plenty of beautiful pendant, recessed and statement lights available. We would love to help with your next dining room design update, but in the meantime, check out our tips for some inspiration!

Popular Dining Room Lighting Ideas

The most popular lighting design idea for a dining room is a statement dining room pendant light. This style works for every dining room because it is incredibly versatile.

Here at LA Lounge, we have plenty of beautiful dining room pendant lights to suit every taste. Any selection from our unique and exclusive Australian design collection will be a stunning addition to your space!

Our professional team loves the Seven One and Seven Two pendant lights, especially for a dining room space. If you place either of these lights above your dining table, you will have a warm glow over the area while providing a focal point to draw your eyes to the centre of the room.

The Seven One is ideal if you are after a more subtle look. However, the Seven Two is beautifully attention-grabbing. As the Two is lengthy, similar to the light shown below, it fills most of the dining table space, creating the perfect warm lighting in the area. Whichever pendant light you choose, you know it will be the perfect addition to your dining room!

Dining Room Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting in a dining area is important. Layered lighting in this space is key because it is used for so many different activities. Recessed lights are fantastic because they can assist with transitioning between different lighting techniques, especially if you incorporate dimmable lights.

Recessed Lighting works best around the perimeter of the room, so it can create a warm glow throughout the space.

Here at LA Lounge, we recommend either the Deep Cover Adj – 15 or the Deep Cover Fix – 14. Either of these choices are perfect because the lights do not stand out too much and stay relatively hidden away, which is exactly what you want from recessed lighting.

Both of these options are also DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) compatible, which comes with a range of benefits. Not only are these nifty lights dimmable, they are also incredibly easy to set up and use, and also look fantastically timeless in the space.

DALI lights are used worldwide, so you know you’re purchasing from an internationally reputable brand. The wiring is also easy to set up and can even be reconfigured through your smartphone or computer!

As these lights are dimmable, they are also incredibly energy efficient, cutting down your running costs throughout their lifetime. As you can see in the image below, recessed lights work incredibly well with additional statement lights to create a beautiful, layered lighting design.

Our expert team can help you plan your recessed lighting options as the placement can vary between spaces.

Dining Room Layered Lights

If you like the look of lots of layered lights in a dining room space, then why not consider wall lights as the cherry on top! If you are already sporting a pendant light in the space, it may be worth considering a simple yet effective wall light so it does not try to steal the spotlight.

Although we have lots of wall lights on offer, our expert team recommends the Zoom – SW5 or the Zoom Mini – SW6 for a perfectly simple option. Not only is the Zoom energy efficient, durable and has a long lifetime as it is a built in LED light, it is also dimmable and DALI compatible, so you can pick the perfect lighting warmth to suit any occasion.

The Zoom also looks incredibly chic in the black and bronze on offer, and we even provide them in custom colours on request. If you are after a light that makes a bit more of a statement, the Lumus Curve – SW8 is another fantastic option.

The Lumus Curve is also a DALI compatible LED light, so it provides all of the same benefits as the Zoom. This light is also available in white, bronze or a custom colour on request, but our team is loving the statement bronze, especially for a contemporary dining room space!

Contact The Right Lighting Architect

As we spend so much of our time in our dining rooms, it is definitely an important space to get the right dining room lighting. A dining room can be used for many things such as eating, studying, reading, writing or catching up with friends to name a few.

Here at LA Lounge, we are passionate about providing the perfect dining room lighting design plan to every customer and we would love to help you with your next project.

Our expert and professional architectural lighting design team is here to help you turn your dining room lighting ideas into a well thought out lighting design plan, whether you are an architect acting on behalf of a client or if it is for a personal project.

If you need help creating an ambient lighting plan, want to know more about our unique and exclusive Australian design collection or are planning on installing a DALI light fitting, we are here to help!

Working from initial ideas all the way to a well thought out plan, our team can help you work to your time, budget and ideas. To book a free lighting design consultation with our talented team at our Neutral Bay showroom, please contact us via our website or call us today on (02) 9999 4948.

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