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DALI Lighting Control is an exciting, affordable and easy way to customise your home.
LA Lounge has the technical expertise.

What is DALI?

DALI lighting control or DALI stands for Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface and is an international technical standard (IEC 62386) for the control of many types of electric loads.

Originally developed for use in commercial environments, LA Lounge is excited to bring the benefits of DALI to streamline the control of electrical systems in residential projects.


Why choose DALI?

DALI Lighting Control Provides an easy to use and intuitive management of electrical devices, a DALI Lighting Control system can offer the home owner with an energy efficient option to standard wiring systems. 

Cost effective in terms of wiring and system components, DALI systems require less cabling for the electrician and, as fewer system modules are required, it can also help to keep the capital costs of the installation low.

DALI dimming is increasingly being recognised as offering the smoothest dimming curve available for LED lighting with dimming from 100 – 0 % with no flickering.  This is due to the DALI dimming protocol which has 254 levels of brightness stepping down and/or up corresponding to eye sensitivity so that changes in brightness are observed as being perfectly uniform.

As the DALI protocol is non-proprietary, all products with the right to display the DALI logo conform to the same international standard and are therefore interoperable.  This means you are not tied to obtaining products from just one supplier or manufacturer.

Individual system items can be selected by the electrical designer from a range of different manufacturers with consistency in performance ensured by DALI compliance.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to the end user is DALI’s flexibility to change.  DALI offers light by light control so home owners can make changes to lighting configurations easily as each light is individually addressed. 

For example, if four lights have been designed to be operated simultaneously and it was desired to split this into 2 groups of 2 lights, this would typically only be achievable with expensive changes to switched group wiring. 

As DALI has 2-way communication to each light point, this change can be made via programming with no changes to wiring necessary.  In addition, changes to programming can often be done remotely without the need for a service call out.

How does an electrician wire a DALI system?

For electricians DALI means less switchboard work and minimal wiring when compared with other electrical systems.

For light fittings that have a DALI driver integrated such as downlights, a simple way to wire is called a DALI loop. This is a 1.5mm2 T & E and 1.5mmtwin, looped to each light in the DALI universe.

A DALI universe can consist of up to 64 lights or devices (60 light/device max per universe recommended).  For fittings which do not have an integral DALI driver, a run of 1.5mmtwin or low voltage cable should be wired back to a location where you have a DALI loop ie at an access panel.  A simple loop of Cat 5 or control cable is then taken to the switches from your DALI Universe Controller – see diagram A.

DALI loops and CAT5 loops for switches are wired in a ring circuit with only one end connected.  In DALI systems we design, typically each DALI driver integrated light point requires 2 x quick connect surface sockets. Our DALI controllers come with a 3 Pin and 2 Pin Plug for easy connection to the Dali loop.

As mentioned, each Dali controller can have up to 64 lights or devices on each universe. It is important to note that the 64 item maximum per universe includes any DALI addressable and programmable devices on the universe i.e. downlights, pendants, controllers for constant current, AC controller and Dali relays etc.

In all, Dali is easy to wire, very flexible, cost efficient and can be controlled by wall switches, tablets or for easy convenience, your smart phone.


All Our Products Are Dali Compatible

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