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    Exquisite Office Lighting

    Lighting is one of those attributes that you might not focus on when having the layout and function designed by your Architect or building company yet it is crucial in offering you functionality and aesthetics within your property, both indoor and outdoor. Office lighting is important and with LA Lounge, you can be confident in […]

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    The Top Ideas for Bathroom Lighting Design

    When it comes to bathroom design, things like tiling, fixtures, and fittings are generally given the most consideration. Bathroom lighting is equally important and requires thoughtful attention to ensure it is complementary to the design, while also providing function. Below we will look at some things to contemplate when choosing bathroom lighting, some modern lighting […]

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    The Latest Trends in Sydney Residential Lighting Interior Design

    Gone are the days where architects and homeowners ignore lighting when it comes to the interior design aspect of the home. Sydney residential lighting trends can change and shift, and it’s helpful to be aware of them for inspiration in the lighting design of a space. It is easy to manipulate your home’s atmosphere with […]

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    The Benefits for Architects When Using a Lighting Supplier Sydney Trusts

    When planning a new project, it is crucial to realise that illumination is essential. Knowing that you need good lighting design is one thing; achieving it can be a little trickier. Light is a difficult medium that can have drastic and significant changes and benefits for a space if a number of continually evolving disciplines […]

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    9 reasons home owners love smart lighting

    More and more homeowners are deciding to fit their homes with smart lighting every day. Not only does it help to create a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle. It also improves home security!  With a smartphone, you can turn on and off the lights in your home. All without having to get out of bed […]

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    Why You Should Use a Lighting Designer on Your Next Project

    It never ceases to amaze us how many architects refrain from using an architectural lighting designer on their projects, to the detriment of the design. There is a range of Australian lighting designers that not only provide invaluable technical know-how but can also save your project money. Considering how critical lighting is to a space, […]

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    Modern Light Fittings that will enhance your home

    Walking into a simple home and feeling inspired is a feeling you’re likely never to forget. It’s likely there are furnishings which may impress. Most commonly these are a comfy and inviting sofa, a large screen TV, and gorgeously tiled flooring. But it’s the use of lighting which sets the vibe for a home. Lighting […]

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    Important Tips for Properly Lighting Your Artwork

    Proper artwork lighting can leave you speechless when displaying your art. It can make you feel like you are in a gallery. Or, if drenched in sunlight or shadows, it’s most likely to look bland and fail to make an impact.  Lighting, when used effectively, makes your artwork take centre stage. Different effects are possible, […]

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    The Smart Way to Install LED Downlights

    When it comes to LED downlights, Sydney residents are opting for this feature in their homes more and more as they use much less power than some of the more traditional lighting options. They also last for a significant amount of time and run at a safe temperature. Above all, LED downlights offer a stylish […]

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    3 Secret Ingredients to Professional Lighting Design

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