Bathroom Lights: Bathroom lighting ideas, design & style

In a world where architectural lighting rules our interior design ideas, we can see that bathroom lighting can make or break a room’s decor.

Architectural Lighting isn’t just about functionality in the dark, using lighting artistically with textured surfaces can bring a new dimension to any room. Creative style and design are key to creating a glamorous bathroom.

We at LA Lounge have plenty of bathroom lights and lighting ideas for architects, interior designers, and everyone in between. Whether you’re looking for Hamptons glam or minimalist chic, there are plenty of design ideas for everyone. 

We are lighting design experts, having been featured in Belle Magazine and Vogue for our visually stunning lighting designs, we are able to recommend flattering lighting for every bathroom.

At LA Lounge we also offer free consultations for you to discuss your vision with our experienced architectural lighting design team, working from your initial plans right through to the end of your project.

Lighting Designer

As a lighting designer we can transform a room from drab to jaw-droppingly beautiful. We know exactly how to tastefully light a staircase, sculptures and even tree canopies.

Lighting isn’t just about functionality, it’s about lighting areas artistically and creatively to draw your eyes to the right spots.

Whether it’s mini LED lights that draw your attention along an outdoor path or creating beautiful silhouettes in an artsy living space, a lighting designer is essential to creating the perfect imagery in your home or business.

Bathroom Lights & Lighting Designer

Not only can a lighting designer help you create the right atmosphere, we can also help with technical issues in rooms.

If you’re struggling with lighting mistakes such as ceiling and wall acne or dead space, a lighting designer can give tips and ideas to help all architects with their projects.

For example, using ambient, warm lighting in an outdoor landscape at night can create a homely and welcoming vibe. From within your home your perception and sense of space will expand out into the garden or pool areas.

Our bathroom lights & lighting ideas cater to every taste, so whether you’re designing a minimalist room or a luxe space, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Lighting is especially important in a bathroom because you don’t want it to be too harsh, but you also don’t want it to be too dim. Bathroom lights can be split into three important aspects: general overhead lighting, task lighting and bathtub/shower lighting.

If your client wants their bathroom to have a spa-like feel, installing dimmer bathroom lights is a great idea so they can have the flexibility to choose their brightness.

At LA Lounge we recommend using DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lights which also come in a dimmable system.

DALI is used by many international companies and comes with a range of benefits. The dimmable DALI system is simple. The control and wiring are easy to set up because they don’t rely on zone or group-based connection.

Not only that, the dimming bathroom lights can even be reconfigured on the software that regulates them. You can even do it on your smartphone or computer! This means you don’t even have to manually do the job.

These bathroom lights are also incredibly energy efficient because you can reduce the voltage as you dim them, cutting down your costs throughout your bathroom’s lifetime.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

Another useful tip is to light the vanity area with what’s called task lighting. Task lights focus light in a specific area, not casting glare while also minimising shadows.

Task lighting in a vanity area is especially important to ensure you have accurate lighting around your mirror.

Having lighting directly above the mirror can create too many shadows, while not having enough light can make it difficult to see.

Bathroom vanity lighting is an essential part in any bathroom design. At times, the bathroom’s overhead lighting is not sufficient to light up the vanity area and allow proper putting on of make up or having a good shave. The vanity lighting in the bathroom is oftentimes ignored, but without good lighting, the lights can create shadows or reflections.

There are two options for task lighting around the vanity area: above the mirror or along the side.

Deciding which of these to choose depends on the style of the bathroom that you’re designing. For example, a Hamptons style bathroom probably wouldn’t suit Hollywood style mirror lights, whereas a modern tiled space could.

A beautiful bathroom lighting idea is to have feature task lighting like pictured below, as styled by LA Lounge. This style would suit many different bathroom types as it draws your attention to the stunning feature while also being incredibly practical.

Bathtub and Shower Bathroom Lights

Finally, it is important to light the bathtub and shower area to complete the look. Whether you’re planning on a feature light or a simple fitting, having warm lighting is key.

With a standard-sized shower, only one fixture is necessary. It is safest to place this light directly above where you stand in the shower.

If your bathroom features a bathtub, there is a bit more room for creativity with your lighting design ideas.

If you’re going to go with smaller fixtures, it is best to have one at both ends of the bathtub.

Feature lighting over a bathtub is very in fashion at the moment and can turn a standard bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

Bathrooms of all sizes can work a feature light and it can bring a whole new element to the room. A simple fitting can turn a large bathroom into a cosy space and a tiny bathroom into your very own spa.

Free Bathroom Lighting Design Consultations

When designing a bathroom, you’re dealing with a blank canvas. There are endless options to choose from. Do you have a colour scheme in mind? How big is the space?

But most importantly, what lighting do you have in mind?

We offer free lighting design consultations to help you bring your bathroom lighting ideas to life.

Whether you’re unsure about purchasing dimmer lights or want to know more about how to creatively light a bathroom, our experienced architectural lighting design team are here to help.

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