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Top Architectural Lighting Designer Sydney

Architectural lighting design is an essential element to any home in creating the perfect lighting design and imagery in your home or business, and our lighting designer sydney team is here to help!

Architectural lighting design is determined by three basic sides of the lighting of structures or areas. First is the aesthetic demand of a structure; second is the ergonomics – the gauge of how the lighting contributes to the way the area functions; third is the electrical efficiency of the entire installation.

In connection, the professional architectural lighting designer and lighting architects can completely transform any room using layered technical lighting layout to highlight textures in the best way.

They know how to tastefully light anything from staircases, sculptures and even tree canopies. However, there is so much more to lighting a space than just functionality.

LALounge is an independent lighting design consultant based in Sydney, Australia and adheres to the standards of Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia

How Lighting Designers & Architects Can Help

Artistically and Creatively

So an architectural lighting designer or lighting architects are home lighting consultants who knows exactly how to light areas artistically and creatively, drawing your eyes to the most aesthetically pleasing parts of the space. They also know how to light spaces such as bathrooms and front door areas to increase safety.

Technical issues

Although creating a beautifully lit space is an important job for a lighting designer, there are plenty of other technical issues they can fix with the flick of a switch.

An architectural lighting designer can help you with lighting mistakes such as ceiling and wall acne or dead space. There are plenty of technical issues we can see within a room.

However, it is not always obvious that it can be fixed with the right lighting. A lighting designer can pinpoint these issues and transform any room into a masterpiece.

The Architectural Lighting Design process should take into account the following aspects:

– The kind of human activity the lighting is designed.
– The amount of light required for the type of activity.
– The color of the lights that affects the views of the audience
– The distribution of light within a given space to be lighted
– The effect of the lights to the perception of the performers and it audience

Lighting can bring an emotional value to architecture. It helps create an experience for those who occupy the space. Without lighting, where would architecture be? Would it still have the same impact? No, it wouldn’t.

Whether it’s daylighting or artificial lighting, light draws attention to textures, colors, and forms of a space, helping architecture achieve its true purpose.

Vision is the single most important sense through which we enjoy architecture, and lighting enhances the way we perceive architecture even more.

To create a successful balance between lighting and architecture, it’s important to remember three key aspects of architectural lighting, these are (1) aesthetic, (2) function, and (3) efficiency.

Architectural Lighting Designer in Sydney

LA Lounge is home lighting consultant that has professional architectural lighting designer team to help you work through your architectural lighting design project from start to finish, all while working to your time and budget.

Whether you want to know more about the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) light system, would like someone to talk you through our products or simply need help with a starting point, we are here to help. To meet our expert team, please book a free lighting design consultation at our Neutral Bay showroom.


Many of these mistakes we are often called in to fix can be avoided with a bit of planning upfront…

  • Too much light
  • Dim light
  • The wrong type of light. Purely decorative lights being used to provide functional light for a room. Alternate problem: missed opportunities to provide decorative lighting
  • Badly positioned light sources which often result in task lighting being masked, for example in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Incompatible light fittings or control system. Technology is developing so fast it’s hard to keep up with all the changes, from the simple dimmer switch to sophisticated lighting control systems. It’s not uncommon to have these technological breakdowns completely stall or even derail the project

“In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary” - Aaron Rose, Photographer


Palm Beach house, lighting by LA Lounge - Architectural Lighting Design
  • Lighting needs of all using the space can be taken into consideration
  • Optimum effect in any space ensures that it’s enhancing the best features, with the appropriate mix of feature and decorative lighting
  • A well designed lighting scheme is an artful balance of function and aesthetics
  • Lighting plans  help you develop and stay on a clear budget.
  • A well developed lighting scheme ensures that all wiring and installation issues are resolved before they become a problem, from selection of fittings, ensuring proper samples are provided and timely assistance to help the builder or electrician understand the installation requirements
  • A well-thought out, properly designed lighting scheme need not be costly, and the value added far outweighs the fee.
  • Lighting design includes: bedroom lighting, dining room lighting, living room lighting, garden lighting and more.


If you’d like to book a lighting design consultation we would love to help. Give us a call on 1300 331 529

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