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Room overlooking bay lighting by LA Lounge lighting architects

Our mission is simple: to enhance the experience of a home and create the desired mood in a highly energy efficient manner.

Our experience in lighting design and technical lighting installation over the last decade shows that lighting is an often overlooked aspect of the construction design process.

Instead of over-lighting which results in higher installation and running costs as well as lack of atmosphere, we view effective lighting design like a beautiful painting with the ability to influence moods, perspectives and energy levels.

Everything is about light. And the lighting.


Susan Stokes

Director/Lighting Engineer and Designer

B.Int. Bus, Grad. Cert. Des. Sc Illum Design. Company founder with 13 years experience in lighting design. Previously a fully qualified home automation systems designer and programmer.

Glenn Stokes

Director/Designer/Technical Sales

Over 30 years experience in electrical home automation & lighting designing. Qualified electrical contractor & automator.

Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

Junior Lighting Designer

Sales Manager

Office Assistant

house with indoor lighting designed

We were brought in on a project in Ashfield where there had been on-going issues with dimming the lighting on a leading edge automation system.  

Other lighting “experts” had tried and despite the time and expense, were unsuccessful and their recommendation was to change the entire automation system at a cost of $8,000.00.

Glenn went on site with our sample globes and drivers (which have been extensively tested in other similar projects) and solved the problem immediately. The client went on to view other products from our range and updated their lighting with the LA Lounge Edge range at a much reduced cost of $1,500 that improved the overall look and feel.

We work with electricians all the time on similar issues that crop up, even with some of the most expensive, big name brands in the market. Our products work. It can be that simple.

A client came in with a very expensive quote from another big name brand in the architectural lighting space. The existing lighting needed to be replaced due to the close proximity to the ocean as salty sea air had corroded the light fittings.

The changeover meant that the ceiling would need to be patched extensively and new holes cut. Along with the update the client also wanted a more efficient LED system.

We recommended using our in-set plaster Confidential range as gypsum does not corrode and is perfect for beachfront locations.  The client loved the fact that the lights appeared to be moulded out of the ceiling and would not date the architecture.

We re-worked the layout so that less lights were needed thereby reducing the lighting and electrical installation costs considerably.  It is possible to create a result that is not only practical and functional given the environment, but also stylish and aesthetically timeless. We do it all the time. Our products have been designed with that timeless elegance in mind.

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