12 Tragic Mistakes You’re Making With Your Home Lighting Design

It’s easy to feel stumped when it comes to lighting. You often know the exact look you’re going for, but it’s not always a clear route to get there. Here at LA Lounge, we’ve seen all types of lighting mistakes, and we know exactly how to fix them.

Through our years of experience and knowledge, we’ve gathered the 12 most common and tragic home lighting design mistakes for you to be aware of. Check out our list below to help you with your next renovation!

1) Not enough or too much lighting.

The first home lighting design mistake is also the most obvious. Despite what you might think, most people are unaware of how important adequate lighting is. Strong lights, like recessed lighting, are great for lighting up kitchen benches, but will make your hallway look like the entrance to a haunted mansion if they are too bright. Using too much light may also leave the room feeling more like an office. It’s important to think of lighting a room as its own individual challenge. What works in one room most likely won’t work in the other. Our expert team recommends either the Deep Cover Adj – 15 or the Deep Cover Fix – 14 to achieve the perfect recessed look. These lights are not only simple, they are also DALI compatible and dimmable to suit every room. Learn more about DALI lighting here.

2) Choosing the wrong temperature.

Now that you’ve chosen where to place your lights, the next home lighting design to avoid is choosing the wrong temperature. Getting the temperature wrong will completely change the vibe from what you want. We’ve all used a bathroom that feels more like a surgical operating theatre. Luckily, lighting temperature is easy to overcome with smart bulbs, like our DALI lighting system, which allow you to change the temperature. This means you can have that well-lit bathroom for your morning shave, then a warm light for a romantic evening bath.

3) Ignoring the small spaces.

We see homes that only use a measly single overhead light in their pantries and wardrobes far too often. These spaces may be small, but they are some of the most used spaces throughout the day. The frustration of trying to find something in the pantry at night can be solved with some under cabinet lights or light strips. Check out our shelf lighting ideas for some interesting small space designs.

4) Too many task lights.

Task lights are fantastic, but if you get them wrong, your room will feel more like a corporate office than a home. The most common mistake with task lights is to place too many above-lights without thinking about what the space will actually be used for. Lights from above are great for seeing the food on your kitchen bench or reading a book on the couch. But, the same lights won’t work too well for bathroom mirrors. The best way to plan task lights is to treat each room for its function, and add a bit of variety to your design. Our professional team are more than happy to help you with your next project! Book a free consultation with our team via our website or call us today on (02) 9999 4948.

5) Forgetting about layering the lights.

As we said above, task lights are great. But a room full of task lights forgets about the two other types of light: ambient and accent lighting. A great room uses all three types of lights in layers. For example, a kitchen needs enough ambient lighting to move around safely, but it also needs task lights so you can chop those veggies. Accent lights can also be used in a kitchen for highlighting a beautiful decoration or herb garden. By drawing on all three lights, a kitchen can become much more than just a work space.

6) Relying too much on recessed lights.

Recessed lighting, those popular downlights that are all over Pinterest at the moment, are being increasingly touted as the fix-all for your lighting woes. While they are great at being effective and clean, many home lighting plans go overboard with recessed lights. The problem is that recessed lights only light a very narrow area directly below them. This means no light gets reflected off the walls, causing the room to look dark and your electricity bills to increase. Also, all that hard work put into designing the walls goes to waste.

7) Getting the size of the light wrong.

This home lighting design is pretty common and very noticeable to a visitor. The biggest problem here is installing disproportionate light sizes. If your lights are too small, then your rooms won’t get enough illumination. But, if your lights are too big, the room will feel smaller and out-of-shape. If you are going to hang a pendant over a table, make sure it is in proportion to the furniture. Otherwise it’ll look like a UFO is trying to take your furniture, which is probably not the look you’re going for!

8) Not installing enough light sources.

This irritating home lighting design mistake is especially common in older houses. From the kitchen to the garage, having only one light source means a lot of the room will stay dark. Not only does this hide the other design aspects of the room, it severely impacts the aesthetics of your home. To avoid this, use different lighting layers throughout the room, like the three layered technique we mentioned before.

9) Dismissing the dimmer switch.

The dimmer switch has come a long way over the years, but it is still one of the most forgotten home lighting design tools. Dimmer switches give you so much control and flexibility in your lighting. Lights can be changed depending on your mood, what event you are having and what time of day it is. Most smart systems now contain dimmer switches, and any good lighting designer will tell you they are a must-have. Here at LA Lounge, we recommend the DALI system, which all our lights are compatible with.

10) The lights are the wrong height.

Pendant lights over bench tops are in fashion right now, but they are often placed at the wrong height. Place them too high, and they won’t give enough illumination. Too low, and they get in the way, especially for our tall friends. Aim to place pendant lamps about 75-90cm above your bench top. Check out our range of pendant lights here!

11) Not considering the paint.

No matter how hard you try, making a light and airy room will be pretty difficult if you’re working with dark walls. If you’re aiming for a bright living space, it’s important to ensure that you’re working in a light room. This will make your lighting job a lot easier, and allow you to actually get the desired feeling for the room. Lighting complements the space you’re working with, so let us help you with your next lighting design plan. We can work the plan to fit perfectly with your house interior.

12) Not utilising all the natural light.

Our last but very common home lighting design mistake doesn’t  revolve around installed lighting. One of the most important interior design rules is to always use natural light when possible. Not only will this save a lot on your energy bills, but it will also allow you to feel connected to the outside world. Combine this with a layered lighting design for night and you will have the perfectly lit room.

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