10 Spectacular Ceiling Lighting Designs You Need In Your Home

As we enter into Spring, it is time to start thinking about the new fashions that come with the new season. Sure, clothes are usually very high up on people’s radar, but a new lighting design can really freshen up your home. Take a look at our 10 favourite ceiling lighting designs to inspire your next renovation or update.

Industrial Fittings

As we have mentioned in our previous posts, the industrial look is very fashionable at the moment. This style of lighting works in any room in your home, but we especially love it in the kitchen and dining space.

LA Lounge’s Seven Two pendant light looks fantastic over the dining table, providing a warm, ambient glow while also acting as a statement centerpiece for the room. This pendant light comes in a sand black finish, giving your home a touch of industrial chic that can blend with the rest of your interior.

Smart and Simple

If you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated look, the Linear Pendant is for you. This fixture looks fantastic over a kitchen bench with its beautiful wooden finish and up-down-light capability.

As you can see in the image below, this light looks great when it is matched with the decor in a monochromatic style. The Linear Pendant is part of our exclusive Earth Range and is fully customisable.

LED Lighting

If your home is channelling the modern living vibe, then LED lights are a great option for you. Our designers love the look of LED strip lights within ceiling crevices to create an effortless, contemporary space.

Not only does this look give your space the real wow factor, the lights also have a long life and are incredibly energy efficient. When you use LED lights, you only pay to run the lights, not to generate heat as well.

You also won’t burn a hole in your back pocket because these lights require a lot less time and money spent in maintenance. They are also free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable, so you know you’re doing your bit to help the environment too.

Unique Chandeliers

When you think of a chandelier, your mind usually goes for the classic look of luxurious chandeliers in a beautiful mansion. At the moment, unique and different chandeliers are fashionable, showcasing all of the different items that can be turned into a beautiful light fixture. Take a look at this mason jar fixture,for example.

This cool and unique fixture would be a fantastic piece within a dining or living space, drawing your attention in and impressing your guests. We love the innovation around these different fixtures!

Minimalist Fixtures

Most homes look incredible with a minimalist, monochromatic design. If this is your aesthetic, why not have the light fittings to match?

Minimalist lighting can also be daring and act as an attention grabber in your home. The fixtures in the picture below perfectly complements this minimalistic space, while also providing a warm glow.

Lighting Design LA Lounge

Simple Pendant

If you want a simple pendant for your dining space, then our beautiful Seven One light is the right choice for you. Although this light is simple, its elegance and industrial look still make it attention grabbing and an excellent focal piece for your space.

This light produces a beautiful, warm glow, making it perfect for directly above your dinner table for a warm and welcoming vibe.

Single Statement Pendant

When we see a pendant in a dining room like the one below, it just calls you to pull up a chair and dig in to a delicious roast dinner and a glass of wine with friends. The image below also shows how a statement pendant can be a great complement to a rustic or industrial space to give it a taste of contemporary.

Lots of Small Lights

With the fairy lights and edison bulb crazes here to stay, it’s no surprise that cute, small light fittings are making their way into the lighting design department. This look works especially well in a modern, minimalist home as it truly is attention-grabbing.

These lights work beautifully in a kitchen space, providing enough light to act as task lighting, while also doubling as a unique and stunning fixture. We especially love the design below, which truly uses lots of small lighting to create something minimal but beautiful..

Light Clusters

Using a cluster of lights in different shapes of sizes really turns your lighting fixture into a work of art. The lighting below would not look out of place in a hip art gallery, so why not introduce it into your modern home. This look would work especially well in a hallway or a room with a high ceiling, so you can really experiment with different lengths, shapes and sizes.


Ceiling Lighting Installation


Here at LA Lounge, we understand how important architectural lighting design is, so let us help you with your next project! Whether you are currently renovating your own home or you are working on behalf of a client, we understand that a lighting designer is an essential when it comes to home renovation.

From initial concepts right through to your finished project, our experienced team can help you along the way all while working to your time and budget.

To book a free lighting design consultation with our innovative  team at our beautiful Neutral Bay showroom, please visit our website or call us today on 02-9999-4948.

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